Doing business in Madagascar


are foreign investors welcome in Madagascar?

Is it complicated to register a company in Madagascar? What is the procedure?

What is the corporate tax rate in Madagascar?

Is it easy to recruit?

Any advice you would share with us?

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Please visit

You will have all the information and they give you one stop solution for investors.

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Hi Julien,

It will be better to start by choosing a location as starting point of your company than you refer to the administration. Thing is that there are many usual procedures in Madagascar. What I am suggesting is to start by or with the local administration. It doesn't mean that you have to pay more or least. It just mean than you will have better integration. Find out which sector do you intend to?


You can visit one stop shop for formalities
EDBM. Helping staff . In Tana and all major cities .
They will help you to form company all license and visa etc under one roof

please advise if you did go to madagascar as would like to hear your experience as i also want to open a business there shortly and like some guidelines

Hi Ez trade,

depends what business you will do here!

I can help you in your demand if you want to open business in Madagascar
am in Pakistan know

Hi Ali Zain,

You can post some useful information here so that everyone can benefit from it. What advice can you give?

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My Contact:
Sir, Josiah Werner
Contact: +261(0) 33 14 368 75
I really want to deal these businesses:
-    Tourism
-    Cultural and Education
-    Like a Rental Car
-    Building Construction, bungalow, Hotel and House for rent.
-    Drugstore,   and another different kind of business
-    Business tourism.
-    Business school.
-    Selling Materials for: building, construction, hardware, machinery, ext….
Therefore, I beg you Pardon in order to respond my demand and answer it.
Even the one of those lists above already interested.
I will give you all my details about this project and I want to have a meeting with.
I really need your support please .
So, kindly look into my records and help me to develop my Business.
Thanking you
Yours sincerely,

Hello Werner -> Can you please post an advert in the Looking for section (Business partners) in the Madagascar classifieds? :)

Thank you,

Sure, let me tell you something,
That is my Job, i am just doing a business here in Fort-Dauphin, I am looking for a trusted business partner but no one respond me.

Could you make a business here in Madagascar Fort-Dauphin with me please?

I am doing rental house here, but that is not enough, I must need something else with it at least.
laborate with.
I can give you all my details when you ready to col
We can do many things here.
sooner, Josiah Werner

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I am Luc & I'm a translator and interpreter in madagascar. I've helped many investor to establish and set up their business here. If you need help, feel free to get in tourch with me at espresso.espresso (at) libero (dot) it

Hi Luc,

welcome to!

So, why don't you give some useful information on the forum?

Thank you.

Very high risk country for doing business, itŽs our experience, for those people looking for risk and hi yields, this is a good option because of the emerging economy. BE CAREFUL with big companies, big names and families, they can put you up quickly but some day you can wake up without nothing... ensure your agreements the best posible even the institutions are corrupted by this small group of people  similar to mafia...

Of course, the foreign investors are really welcome here in Madagascar.
I am telling you the truth and the right from my heart that, it is not complicated to register everything here. The tax is depends on what you want to do also.
The recruitment is very easy Sir, you don't need to be worried about That.
What kind of business do you want to deal and Do anyway?
I can welcome you here and we can open a large discussing about the things that we wish to do.
I can promise you many things Mr Julien
Thanks, Josiah Werner

Thanks for the email

My main Business here is, I buy the land and build the house and rent it as well.

But at the moment, I want to make another business but I don't have an Investor.

I really need your help, I want to open a business here if you can help me.

Thanks,Josiah Werner

Hi Mboaky,

Please note that Julien is the founder of Expat-blog, he launched this topic in order to collect useful information. If you are looking for a business partner, please post your ad in the appropriate section = here.

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Christine team

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May i have your contact number or email to discuss please,

@Hamad Satti > to whom are you addressing?

In additon to the questions raised by Julien, may I also ask how is the telecommunication infrastructure... is the internet working widely and effectively, 24/7, throughout the island?

@ bernie berida: For better visibility and interaction, you can create a new thread with all your questions on the Madagascar forum.

Generally you have your work cut out for you.

Hello maxsav,

Would you mind please elaborate regarding your post?

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There is a cultural/political/economic dimension which affects business in Madagascar. Madagascar has relatively rudimentary financial markets and a very low rate of bank penetration. High interest rates, stringent requirements for collateral and guarantees, limited competition among banks, and reluctance to finance foreign trade or working capital make financing very expensive and difficult to access.. Excessive complexities and inconsistently applied bureaucratic regulations are an impediment to investment and can be a breeding ground for corrupt practices. Despite the existence of IANCO, corruption at all levels exists in nearly all sectors of malagasy society. A prohibition on land ownership by foreigners impedes access to real property. The Malagasy judicial system is slow and complex and has a reputation of opacity and corruption.

There are also lots of positives for foreign traders in the malagasy economy.

hi people...

I am krishna from india. I am willing to invest in madagascar if any people have ant project details.

kindly reply me

Dear Joesh
i am a pakistani business man and wish to move in Madagascar with very heavy investment so tell me how to start i wish to come and visit first than i will make my decision we may import textile items from pakistan to here and garments etc footwear also a good choice well lets see
Amin cell ****

it is nice to see you i am looking forward to start my business here in Madagascar so how you can help me

hello! Muhammad amin, i don' really know how serious you are to invest in another country but remainber there are frauster all over the world but if u wish why not invest in nigeria ? I , as a nigeria will assist you in various ways for good . Firstely i shall introduce you to my business partiners in lagos and onisha  here in nigeria, then take you to my home town in imo state, also take you to my residing place in portharcourt for geniue and legal contact. Call my cellphone no **** or ***. Remainber for more scam free u can reach me  with these phone no sim card registration i,m not bad if u may think so. I need to do business with you if u are truelly geniue. Thank via julius caesar.

As the opening responses say, the EDBM (Economic Development Board of Madagascar) is here to help.  They themselves though are in some small ways plagued by corrupt staff.  It is relatively easy and straight forward to set up a company in Madagascar but when I set mine up, I used a trusted person to help me through the procedures (with EDBM and directly with the authorities). The things that are most important are that you need a clean police record in your country of origin (and you have a police certificate that is less than three months old when you make your application) and you enter Madagascar on a transformable visa.  A tourist visa cannot be converted to a residency visa.  You need to import money from your bank outside to a bank in Madagascar for the capital of the company.   There are a long list of things that you need to provide on the EDBM website, in French.  I am able to assist people wanting to set up in Madagascar, if you need someone to hold your hand through the process.


I see your publication and i am interested, i am Rizia, what 's your problem
please answers me in ****

Mme Rizia

I live in Madagascar ,35  years, female .I worked in tourism, nowday , i will like to improve my experience professional in Antananarivo during un years.After, i will looking for to help to pays my study during on years.Could you help me ?
May i have your contact number or email to discuss please,

I want to register in Madagascar and trade there . I have read business management in Iran and now Iam reading Marketing in Deutsch im Vienna. I want information about Madagascar and the cost of establishing a company and living. Thank you for helping me

I am waiting for you answer

About ten years ago, I went through the process of setting up a small business (which unfortunately never took off), and I must say the EBDM was very helpful. But in retrospect, they never took into consideration that my visa was for "Regroupement Familial" which does not permit the expat to engage in income-generating activities on a local scale. I was working in another country a few years later when the local Fiscal office showed up at our house threatening to put my wife in jail if I/she did not pay back taxes, even though I had gone through the proper procedures to shut down the business before it started. Luckily, I had documentation of the closure.


What kind of activity did you want to do? please contact me in ****, i can help you, in creation of your socity to your intsallation
hope to see u soon

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Hello all,

I am currently working and living in Ethiopia. Looking to get a second leg on the ground with in a African country. Madagascar has some good pros as I can see from far distance, but for sure its Africa, as I know after 17 years in Ethiopia you will face also a lot of problems.

Would like to get for the following questions some information.

1. How much is the minimum capital requirement for foreign direct investors, if you want to held 100% of the company (in Ethiopia its 200.000 USD)

2. Do you have to pay down your min capital (PLC) in a blocked bank account!

3. Can you (PLC) held a foreign currency account for your business, with a domestic bank.

4. Is it easy to transfer money outside the country to pay suppliers

5. Do foreign direct investors receive tax holiday, mainly I am worried of import tax

6. how sufficient is the customs working to release imports (containers)

Thanks a lot


PS> any one working in agriculture or horticulture

To create one society here ls not expensive,you Can open account bank ans Can to transfert directly un your country.i Can help you