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Madagascar is one of the tropical paradise island. There a lot to see and tourism is a big remaining potentiality that will last forever. I've thought to handle my own agency since many years ago but I am stuck for only one big reason that I will tell you inBox if you are interested to be a partner or stakeholder. I have traveled around as a tour guide. Through my background, I realize that I have enough potentiality to manage and develop mine.

It will be a good opportunity to grow business and stay here as investor. We do business step by step and this is only the beginning.

Tanks for your consideration!

Hello lemalandy.

Welcome to!

For the business partner, you can try to post an advert in the Looking for section (Business partners) in the Madagascar classifieds. It can help. :)

Good luck in your project,

Hi lemalandy

Thats great ,  i'work as a tour guide freelance too. Working for your own , it's also a good idea. You have to make enough money with
Good luck

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Salama Lemalandy

Madagascar is a wonderful place and definitely worth a trip!

I've become a private travel agency in the past year for friends and friends of friends that I've convinced to visit me.

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Let me know if you are interested. I'm more than happy to introduce them to you.

Warm Regards

hello there,
i' m emelie from madagascar but studying china in tourism and management  and just saw your post ,i was thinking to look for a business partner in this field so let me know me know what to do if interested in working with me i do speak english, french and chinese  and my mother language of course
hope to hear from you soon and have a nice day

Hello Emelie and welcome to!

This thread is a bit old.
if you are looking for a business partner, I suggest to post an advert in the Looking for (Business partners) section in the Madagascar classifieds. ;)

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Hello Aurelie,
thank you very much i was thinking that that add was posted recently .i' ll take ur suggestion....

I can speak inglish and french.

I am very interested in your project about the Tour of Agency!
I really want to hear fro, you about it!
Therefore if it is possible, send your email to my own email address.