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Hello Guys ,

I am looking for a group of Peoples interested in investing in Group Farming in Madagascar.  Please be noted that this is just at Discussion stage . We will be forming a group over Some popular Chat App to stay in constant touch with all interested members. The Group will take Land on Lease for 10 to 99 years for just Farming and possibly some small homes with a cook cum helper for visiting tours of group members . The idea is purely business and not for residing in Madagascar as of now. The locals will be hired for work at farms and all export oriented food crops will be grown on this land to export to nearest countries. ( Most of Food Crop imported in neighbour countries comes from India or south Africa and takes minimum 15 Days or Take costly Air route , lack of workers in agriculture sector on these islands with lot of available land make food crop very costly / than USA and UK ) , whereas Madagascar has both low cost land and  farmers  availability )

The investment should go for leasing land , hiring and training people etc.

With immense opportunities for minerals and other stuff , this can be a great starting point. And All neighbour countries / Islands are a good Market for food crops . Also looking for some local people who can guide on this. Investment size should be around 5000 - 10000 USD per person in starting for a group of Around 50 People.

Share your opinions please.

Its great idea. I am interested to interact with like minded people.

It is a great idea. I am interested too.


I could be interested, depending on the location and on the type of farming you are planning to develop.

Can you be more precise about what you have in mind?

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What type of crop are you looking to produce?  What is the strategy you want to follow and are there gaurenteed by-back policies fo produce. I am looking to emigrate to Madagascar to start up a farming project and am currently speaking to the madagascan embassy in Pretoria about the possibility madagascar offers.

Please forward any relevant info to me.

Thank you.

Hi Craig / Jason , Please keep us updated here about your journey and infos that you collect during your visit.

Vzmaurice224119   So where are you on this project.  You have Madagascar government support?

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