House shifting to Brussels from India

Hi all.

I and my family are reaching Brussels from India by the end of March.

The Relocation people have just come and started packing my stuff. Should take them 2 days. Using maybe a half-container for my goods. They have mentioned a duration of 6-8 weeks for the process of shifting from my place in Mumbai, India to my rented premises in Brussels, Belgium.

Are they correct ? And do these shifting jobs get delayed for some reason or the other ?

I have a temporary furnished accomodation ready and waiting for my family in Brussels. Just hope my stuff is not delayed or something.

Now, I have 2 steel (Godrej) cupboards which are quite heavy but I am totally used to them and so am bringing them along. Is it okay ? Will it mean that I should rent a house or a ground-floor apartment ?

Guys, do reply.

Regards, Allwyn.

You anyways need to hire a lift-services company (or may be your moving company will hire one -- something like  to get your furniture and stuff to your apartment (if its a non zero level apartment). I would think twice before bringing the Godrej almirahs though :) because the doors/doorways of most of the apartments are smaller here..

Hi Allwyn,
My wife and I relocated to Brussels last Sep.
We didnt carry any furniture or heavy stuff from India- just household items, crockery, clothes and such.
We hired DHL and packed all our stuff in regular cartons- we used around 12 of these.

DHL delivered door to door in 7 days- from Delhi to Brussels.

I dont have experience with moving heavy stuff via container or the timelines.
However, pls think twice (thrice) about getting stuff like heavy duty Godrej almirahs to Brussels.
Might be quite tough to fit them in- no matter what place you're staying in.

All the best.


Hi, yes, they are correct to say it would take 4 to 8 weeks. Not to scare you but it takes even months so basic clothes n few formal clothes get along with u to start with. If u r living here for a temporary period then makes no sense to get godrej etc as u ve to rem that ur next company might nt sponsor relocation. Instead buy utensils like pressure cooker etc, in India if company is sponsoring ur relocation. Find out the square area of ur house n if furnished u might nt have any space to put ur godrej. Ask urself if u wld always rent a furnished apartment ( which mkes sense if u r here on temp basis) or if u wld like to move to an unfurnished apt. In that case, sofa, godrej, dining tables etc might b a gud idea.
Here the storage rooms are v.expensive so don't rely on that.

Wish u all the best n hpy journey!

Hi all.

My stuff is packed and gone and it includes my 2 dear Godrej cupboards. I will be shifting into a semi-furnished premises most probably.Also new pressure cookers, frying pans, roti-makers, thick rajais, mixer, etc are included.

This is a long-stay shifting. Hence I have just taken all my boriya-bistar (belongings in Hindi).

Reaching in 10 days.

Will be in touch.

Regards, Allwyn.

Hi all.

I am in Belgium. Voila!

I reached on Tuesday via Jet.

Am currently staying on a temporary basis near Gare du Boondael.

And I am waiting for my stuff to arrive from India and then shift to the new address.

Just arrived with clothes and documents.

Will be in touch.

Regards, Allwyn.

Hi all.

Kind of finalised a big rental house outside Brussels.

So, all my stuff including my steel Godrej almirahs will move in fine albeit on the ground floor.

Been a month since my stuff left my home in Mumbai, India and I heard the container ship has crossed Malta on Tuesday. Wonder how many days more ?

Will be in touch.

Regards, Allwyn

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