New members of the Ukraine forum, introduce yourself here

Hi all,

Newbie on the Ukraine forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Ukraine if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hi. I am Galia from Lviv (Ukraine ) - I am 26 . Moust like travel - and meet new interest person

And also we want some usefull information - about where to go what to see - on Malta - i read a lot - but maybe someone told more

I am also in Lviv. How well do you speak English?

julian preciso de ajuda para terminar uma tese cientifica poderia me ajudar ? sou brasileira mora no norte do pais meu email é wel_xam[at]

wel xam :

julian preciso de ajuda para terminar uma tese cientifica poderia me ajudar ? sou brasileira mora no norte do pais meu email é wel_xam[at]

wei xam
Welcome to As this is an English speaking forum could you please post in English so that members can understand your post and perhaps offer assistance or information.  Thank you.

Hi. I live in Lviv - we are welcom- i Our town is quiet - celebrate Easter, May Day celebrations approaching - will be fun. In the east of the country situation is not so good - but no reason to panic - You are welcom

Good Morning Vietnam!!  Ooops, wrong country.  :-)

Hi everyone, I am William H. Volpe III (Bill Volpe) and I am living in Odessa, Ukraine with my Ukrainian wife.  A bit about me as written on my website is below as an introduction.  I would like to connect with other expats here.

William H. Volpé III is the founder of The Volpé Consortium, Inc., the creator of their proprietary project management process, the publisher of Project Victories, and the developer of a one day flagship project management seminar.  Mr. Volpé has more than 20 years of experience in project management and was a Master Business Analyst and Worldwide Manufacturing Program Manager at Hewlett Packard.  His experience includes several multi-million dollar international projects and he holds an Associate Degree in Computer Engineering Technology, a Bachelor Degree in Electronic Engineering, a Bachelor Degree in Management, a Master Certificate in Project Management, an Advanced Master Certificate in Project Management, a Professional Business Analyst Certificate, and a PMP (Project Management Professional) certification.  Other certifications include an ISCET Journeyman in Computers, an ISCET Journeyman in Industrial Controls, an ISCET Journeyman in Communications, and an ISCET Radiotelephone License.  He currently teaches classes in the ESI International / The George Washington University School of Business curriculum including Project Risk Management, Managing Projects, and Project Scheduling and Cost Control.  He has taught for such companies as Verizon Wireless, Dow Chemical, Shell Oil, Halliburton, the Internal Revenue Service / the United States Department of the Treasury, and the National Geospacial Intelligence Agency.

Mr. Volpé began his project management career as a U.S. Government contractor under SECRET Clearance supporting Operation Just Cause, Operation Desert Storm, and Operation Restore Hope.  He worked at Hewlett Packard in the NonStop Enterprise division and the Business Critical Servers Business Management group for more than five years; was a pre-merger Compaq employee; and completed several new product introduction projects for fault-tolerant, mission-critical customers such as the Pentagon and the world stock markets.  Mr. Volpé has extensive international project experience and his teams have included members from Germany, England, Mexico, Australia, Scotland, Taiwan, and several other countries.

boa noite preciso de ajuda para finalizar uma tese gostaria muito de encontrar alguém que more em dnepopetrovsk e fale português (Brasil). meu email é wel_xam[at]

Hi, I am from Bangladesh, I want  to study in ukraine but idont know in the momment of crisis of ukraine is it correct or not? Would you plz. give me suggetion?

Dr.Rashida Akter :

Hi, I am from Bangladesh, I want  to study in ukraine but idont know in the momment of crisis of ukraine is it correct or not? Would you plz. give me suggetion?

I would not be going to Ukraine at this time because of the troubles there. The pro Russians, with backing from Moscow, are trying to take over the country. People are now being killed and the problem could well escalate into a civil war. If this happens it will give Russia the excuse it needs to send in troops as they want to take over the country. The crisis is not over and will not be settled for a long time to come.

Мммм - well what can I say  to stumpy - I do not agree with you . I am from Ukraine - we have some problems but it's not so bed as you say . East is not so perfect and save maybe - I am from Lviv - here is every think perfect - no danger. Study begin in September - so it enough time to be save

I am also in Lviv, and I agree with Galia. I was recently in Kharviv and it is only a small percentage of people who are disgruntled. Be way to way the situation is to compare the amount of protestors with the actual population

Hi, I'm Al from North West England.

I'm currently living in Ukraine with my lovely wife and her mother, my wife is waiting for the appeal court in England to decide if she can have a visa to live in the UK (Polish visa office refused for the most ridiculous reasons).
I have been here for just over 2 months and want to stay here as long as possible.
I am here with the red stamps (arrival airport visa) in my passport but hopefully can stay longer, personally I want to live here permanently. I do not want to return to England without my wonderful wife.
It is a lovely country and hopefully the problems in the East will soon be sorted, here in the West people are a bit jumpy and I know that town deputies are on stand by for some kind of invasion.

(Moderated: no political views here please)

Hi im evelyn delacruz  leaving now in ivankov  i just wanted to  know if how to find filipino leaving here or in kiev    Please  i wanted to get some  any info how  in frends this my number. 380 999184173 please contack me im only 2 weeks here  thank you

Hi, I'm Stefanie from Italy and from Donetsk. I'm based in Kyiv now till July. Are there usually some get-together events in town for expats?

Yes, I heard the russians are organizing a get together tonight...guns might be involved. .lol

Well then I'm not interested in participating..... :o

I am Andrew.

I am visiting Ukraine in 40 days,  and you would never guess which part i am visiting.

Ok,  i am visiting Lugansk for 14 days......getting married on july 4th.

Any english speakers in Lugansk would be advantage in over coming this language barrier.

My name is John. I want to move to Ukraine or Russia to teach English. I have been to Ukraine twice and like it very much. I was impressed by the way I was treated and the people I met. I have been trying to learn Russian, and hope to be surrounded by it soon, so I can speak and understand it fluently.


I'm new to this forum. I'm Ukrainian American living in Boston. I left the Ukraine many years ago. I'm hoping to find here some information for Americans of Ukrainian origin and perhaps meet people who are in the same boat.

Hi, John! I live in Kiev I learn English  and looking for
native speakers to practice spoken English. If you come to Kiev let us contact,
may be we can help each other.

I am Gary, age 66, retired professional addiction counselor--worked for Betty Ford Center--private treatment center started by former First Lady Betty Ford--when she got into recovery for her alcoholism, and the rest of my time i worked with the USA military--on Marine base in California, and on military base in Okinawa--as civilian counselor. I have had dream of living in foreign country since i came home from serving in Vietnam during war. I want to live in foreign country not in a job there, or in a war. I also am getting friends with some people online in Ukraine. I would like to connect with people living there now--expatriates--to get their experience so far--as well as help in deciding what city to move to, and find good gym to join, as well as able to bicycle there, and find AA meetings.
I look forward to hearing from anyone..

Bill, i just posted my general info about me on new members part, and i read your information. Sounds like fascinating life experience so far for you. I am seeking other people living in Ukraine now. It sounds like you are married to Ukraine wife also. I am getting acquainted to few female friends online--skype so far. I plan to meet in person once i move there in next 4-6 months. I am gathering information first--to decide what city to move to , how to find apartments, gym, AA meetings. I wonder if you would give me some of your experience so far-as well as info on what cities you recommend,
or gym you use and any other information you find valuable.


Hi Gary, Nice to see another desert dweller would like to come to the Ukraine to live.  I am from Palm Desert, know your area very well.  I live in Kharkov with my wife.  There has been a few exciting moments, but mostly all is calm where we live at.  I will send you an email and answer some of your questions.  But if you are looking towards living in Western Ukraine, there are plenty of Expats who live over there.

Hello everybody) Im from Khmelnitsky)Lets be friends)

Dear Julian

as iam working for online auction company for past 6 years disposing the bank reposed assets as i had worked for eBay,Go Dove Bid, eDiig, and Now Indian Biggest Car Manufacture in Online Auction Mahindra and Mahindra Company

As i had seen Many country But i want to come up in Ukraine to open the auction company so looking some more information regarding the bank n Ukraine how they disposed the Vehicles

Can help with some Information.

Hello :) my name is Natalia, I come from Ukraine and currently I live in the city of Lviv in Ukraine, a romantic European city with old and beautiful architecture, magnetic charisma, friendly atmosphere and unforgettable people. I've also lived a little time in the USA, Canada and Italy. I would be happy to find friends all over the world, job offers and business partners here in Ukraine!

Hi. I am from Lviv too - so we can meet for the cup of coffe :)

Hello Natalia

As i have the business proposal but looking for financier

Hello everybody!
I am new here! My name is Ira and I live in Kiev.  I would like to find new friends!

Hello every body ,, next week i will be in odessa for 1 month to study russian language level 2 from 1 aug to 31 aug,, af any one here  from odessa , please add me on skype : abdul aldo
Thank you

Julian Need Help End subparagraph A scientific theory could help me? Brazilian'm overdue for North Country My email E wel_xam[at]

Nice to meet you all here. I live in Kiev and I look forward to making new friends. I'm a native English speaker, so let's meet up for practice, language exchange or cultural experience.

my advise to you is to look for another country to studying, but if it is your interest  in studying in ukraine, then you can studying in capital (kiev), if you need any help, just let me know i will help you...
my contact is oyeyink1987[at]
i look forward to hear from you

well, we can be friends,and share experience together, i speak, english ,as well as russian, if you mind we can be friends.. my name is oye.. my email is oyeyink1987[at]

well, if you don't mind , we can be friends, share experience together, practice your English with me , and also practice my russian with you if you don't mind?


I am from Bangladesh i get a work invitation letter from Ukraine , however how can i cheek my work invitation letter ? please help  me any one.

Do You Apply For That Position? If Yes Immediately go To Company Website Send Your Inquiry. Or If you Are Not Apply That Position But you Are Get Job Offer From Someone. That Is Not a Real 100% Fake. Because Some Bad Nigeria Guys Are Doing Like This Business. So don't Send Your Personal Information & Your Money,

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