Weekly aperitivo

today i can't join to you :( but you have to tell your opinion afterward the meeting about that jazz café! I'm a huge fan of jazz caffés:)
have a nice evening!

Same here, unfortunately I can't make it tonight, but I'm in for Friday...I don't mind to link up for an Aperitivo and jump into some Clubs after...Corso Como it seems a great place to start with :)

In corso sempione there are lots of places.  I have only been to Deseo, but it was nothing special!  I am def. up for trying the jazz cafe.  This place also looks interesting:  http://www.bhangrabar.it/happy.html

I've heard of this place, it's supposed to be very good!  we can switch to here if you want.   So I guess we could do two apertivos, one for tonight in Corsa Sempione for those that can go and one for Corsa Como tomorrow if some one wants to organise it?

I'm cool either way, but let's switch to this Bhangrabar?  They seem to have an ethnic food theme!  :D  Could be interesting, a nice break from the usual aperitivo food.  Luca and Stefano and whoever else is coming tonight, is that okay with you?

yeah I'm fine with that

by the way if we make an early aperitivo tomorrow I can join you, like around 6.30 till 8.30

cuz last time aperitivo we did I stayed there till like 2 am lol

Hi everyone,

I prefer Friday too.


When it comes to jazz, apparently the best in Milano is bluenotemilano.com/en/ but let me know how's the other one please!

I'm up for anything on Friday, in Corso Como there's a Virgin Café that seems very nice...but I don't mind to walk around and see where we end up...it seems a nice area filled up with bars and clubs :)

Sorry, I change my mind I will go tomorrow night instead.  It's now snowing outside, I don't think I fancy walking half an hour to Corsa Sempione in the snow!

Haha, yeah it started snowing right after we made these plans.  I agree with skipping tonight.  So shall we cancel tonight all together?  It seems most were wanting to come on Friday anyway.  I can't come tomorrow so I'll see you guys for the next one!

as you guys want, if anyone wants tho I'm still up for it.

Jazz café sounds good, i have never been there, but i heard good fed, i will not be here this weekend and cannot come today.. So enjoy guys! Have fun!!

Friday is ok, Corso Como sounds great, but actually I willingly go anywhere :)
So who's in?
Around 18/19h ?

I'm in, say at 19:00

ill be there at 6 tomorrow

I'll be there too, not before 19h.

Ok, i will be there at 7. But where exactly??

Tmrw Around 10.30-11 pm im going to black hole club for a rock party, 10€ entry, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid … 124&type=1

If anyone wants to join :)

How about the Jazz Cafe ?

Hi Achilleas, Jazz Cafe is on corsa sempione, I think tonight we are going to corsa como.  MrMau suggested Virgin Café, but I don't know where this is exactly, some where near corsa como.  I think it's next to or part of the Virgin gym?

Kod, the right word is CORSO and not CORSA  :top:
exchange language suggestions  :cheers:

Ah thanks, still learning!

Google is a friend :)


Via Alessio di Tocqueville, 7
20154 - Milano

I've been there, it's not bad.  Sometimes people dance, too  :)

Thanks Mau, what time will you be there?

Cool, around 8ish I guess :)

Is anyone going around 6ish?

ill be there at 6

Great Luca, see you there at 6.

see you there!
I'm going around 19h

See you in virgin cafe 7-8 :)

How has been this meeting guys?

when is the next meet...

I think this upcoming week

It was good but expensive. Any ideas for drinks on Friday?

I'm off this weekend unfortunately if anyone wants to go for a pint mid-week ( monday-wednesday) I'm all up for it.

Friday would be great.  I'm up for corso sempione or we can hit up Navigli again?

I'm in....!!!!
Mauri and i were planning to end the night at the dude club...!!! 2 great electro dj's are playing (James Holden & Jonh Hopkins)... it s kind of strange and deep music but it's cool!!!! http://www.dude-club.net/#&panel1-1
may be the 2nd part of the party...!!!
6you guies

Im in for corso sempione and party!!

where's that dude club dam?
want to join the club also but i think i will skip it since on saturday i'll be traveling with my office colleagues to aosta on early morning. i'll probably be there for the sempione meet up guys, hopefully it's not a very early meet up (please don't make it as early as 6-7 pm anymore if it's on the weekend).


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