Weekly aperitivo

friday I'm totally in! i prefer corso sempione, but let's see where we end this time...:)

And what about saturday night???
Then you d be back from aosta and we can party all together...
i'm not sure everyone would love dude club cause it's very electronic / strange music... check it on the  web...
anyway we can also do friday & saturday!!!!.°)

Count me in for friday too. And available on saturday as well ;)

Also in for Friday, but will skip the club.  Have to be up early on Saturday.

I'm in for evening i don't know yet for party, but i think not

hey guys!
On Friday, 7 a friend of mine plays with his band in a pub - 10.30 pm Via Cerca, 25, 20090 Settala Milano
it's South - East Milan. I'm going there with other friends - if anyone interested, let me know! :)

i can be in for saturday as well, but i will be sure only on saturday.. would be cool in settala bud is quite far for me, may i will come with a friend to aperitivo

Hi everyone,

Where and when is this shindig tomorrow?  I should be able to make it if you have space for a little one?


what about bar "picchio" at 6 for the first players of the night... via Melzo 11...
and than l'elefante at 8h30... via Melzo 22... it s a gay friendly bar but not only...
anyway... one is 1min walking from the orther... so... we can moove in and between...

That idea sounds good to me.  I will not be partying hard so I'll probably be there early :-D

I can't be there at 6 but probably before 8:30....I'll find you.
Maybe hold a big sign or wear a colourful hat??


I will be there around 8 :)

Hi guys! I cannot be before 21.30 so busy,  not aperitivo for me :( but for me is good idea two place, so i can reach you! For party hard i will decide when i will be with you

I will be there early as well.

Should be there around 7...

really  sorry guys, don't think that i could come tonight. :(

I'll be there 7:30 to 8 probably looking wet and miserable  But a spritz will cheer me up

Sorry guys finally i cannot come to tired and too late, maybe if someone would like do something tomorrow or sunday i can be with you! Have a nice evening

Hi guys!! I'm in Milano from May but I'm new on this blog, please let me know when is your next meeting, I'll so happy to meet new people!!! See ya!!

Decline in activity recently hahah, how does everyone feel about going back to moms? I liked that place.

I will!  Just as soon as I can breath through my nose!  Damn raffreddore!!!

I'm not gone be part of friday's aperitivo.... mooving around lombardia this WE...
Have fun... and see you for sure the next WE...
Have Fun  :|

Hi all,

I'm in for moms as well

Damien tu l'as trouve en fin de comptes l'écharpe?? En tous cas bon weekend si on se voit pas!

Guys do you wanna do 6.30-7-00ish mom's cafe?

Viale Monte Nero 51

In Piazza Cinque Giornate

heyy jody, what's happen to you?
not sure about tomorrow guys. will just se on how's things going tomorrow. :)


hey guys, im new to this Expat.com i moved to milan not long ago, can i join you guys for this aperativo tomorow.? :)

OK for Mom's but not before 19.30 for me.
And everybody is welcome ;)

Someone would like di something in saturday as well?

Hi all !
I can't join this friday...i have to work !!!  :o

tonight forest wood bar


via celestino on the corner with via san vito

see you numerous

get there at 8.30ish!

Hei guys...
i know it is a beet early to speak about next friday... but there is a good party at dude club and last one i went to, the queue was very long (1h waiting) for people who hadn't tickets, and pre sales tickets were sold-out on tuesday... so...
I'll go dancing there after next friday aperitivo... who is intereted may buy the tickets in advanced...!!!
cheers people!!!!
see you next week

Hey there....anyone available for a Monday-to-Thursday evening aperitivo? I am busy on weekends...

Hello Dam and hello to everyone,

Your "Weekly aperitivo in Milan" is a fabulous idea!  :top:

Will you make it at mom's cafe at 06h30 every Friday or you will choose a place every week?

I sticked this topic! ;)

Thank you,
Christine - Expat.com team

We decide each week differently so far.

and Fab just post it in advance, we've done meetings before during the week so it shouldn't be an obstacle.

What about tommorow guies!!!!???? Who is in????

I'm in, as usual ;)

Art Factory
Viale Andrea Doria, 17
from 19h till late....

I'm not sure about being there at 19h and i'm not sure someone would arrive at 19h... so... let's say 20h...
to be sure noone stays alone... anyway we are around 7 going for sure...

It's a nice place!  not sure I can make it tonight

It was nice meeting you guys!!! :)

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