Weekly aperitivo

Gave up months ago

what you mean sorry?

I give up trying to meet people socially, the hours I work are evenings mostly and when ever I do go to things I find a bunch of kids or people who want free English lessons/practice!

i also realise I will not get to see any of Italy it is so damned expensive and people stick together here and are not really interested in doing things unless it is with their own family

Basically Milan is boring

Sorry but it is

Me :) Ciao Stefano. Maybe Sunday night for a beer..

Does anybody want to meet up for a drink?



If anyone's interested, I am going to a karaoke thing on via Imbonati.  There will be other people, and I am going with a friend...just a fun thing.  The place is called *Osteria Golosa*, via Imbonati (I don't know number, but it is right under the Virgin Active gym).   I'll be there around 8:30-9:00 p.m..

See ya!

Melody Fox (aka the Princess of Rock)

Does anybody still want to meet up for a drink?

Hey everyone,

I'm starting a small cooking school for expats in Milan. It will be a course format where we meet up, drink, cook, and then eat. Anyone interested?

I live in Milan, there are me too if you organize other meetings!

Who’s in for an Aperitivo tonight in Milan? 🍹🍻 but there’s one rule: only crazy and funny people are accepted 😄

I can not do tonight for another day.

What a great idea, are you making this appointments permanent?  :)

Hi everybody, where do we meet usually? I'm new here and I'd love to know you more.Thanks

https://www.expat.com/en/events/europe/ … milan.html


I am looking for `Italian friends,  How are you?

Is this group still meeting?  I just arrived in Milan and would love to meet new people!  Let me know...

Hey guys! Is there still someone alive? I'm coming to Como in a month, would be super cool to meet with someone!

I don’t know if there’s still someone up for meetups, I’m still in Milan though if anyone wants to hang out sometimes

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