Weekly aperitivo

after a first meeting this week!!!! we decided to make it permanent!!!!!!!! :proud
Next meeting on friday (24th)!!!!!
Place and hour still to be defined!!!!!!!!....
Everyone's welcome

Ok, any suggestions about the meeting place?

Hi guys! 
This Friday there is a sciopero…for those who don't know what that is, it's when the bus, tram, metro drivers, etc. go on strike and so public transport is suspended.  This Friday it will happen from 8,45-15,00 and from 18,00 until the end of the evening.  Here is the schedule:  http://www.cronacamilano.it/cronaca/479 … verde.html

This may be a problem for whoever relies on public transport to get around (which, I assume is almost everyone).  Maybe we should reschedule?

ciao a tutti,

it's been a great meeting we have on monday! i'm happy to meet you all.. :D
sounds good damian, a regular meeting would be great. hopefully there will be more people involve.
rachel is right, i already heard that also.. so probably for this friday will be a bit tough.


I see...well, Milan looks pretty small to me, I don't mind to walk ( actually I always do that )...maybe we could pick a place near Duomo / Porta Romana ? Or, move it to Saturday ? The week end is coming and it will be nice to do something together :-)

Hey everyone! I can't make it without the metro. I would suggest Saturday or the following friday Jan 31. Anyone interested in those days?

Hi guys !
Good idea Dam  :top:
Sorry but this friday i can't join with you.
Saturday it's good for me.


Hi hi...
i don't mind to walk... ride... run... whatever!!!... for me it's ok to meet tommorow night.... and also for saturday...
who's in???

For me both days are ok, but we can move it Saturday if more people prefer that:)

Same here I'm free tomorrow and Saturday as well, I won't mind to drink twice ;)

Depending on the place I can join in tomorrow.


For me... like mrmau... i can join on friday and saturday...
we can keep saturday... than more can join....

on saturday... kate proposed to meet at "sans égal bar" in brera... it is a nice area... for me it s ok....;))


Ok, settled, Saturday :)

let me know if we do something tomorrow as well (beer in english/irish pub?). Ciao

Hey lovely people!  I can definitely come on Saturday!  And Brera sounds great…what time is good for everyone?

Sounds good indeed!  Uhmm, no idea, 18ish ?
I'm looking forward to it :)

Saturday is good for me as well :)

See you guys there!

Hi everybody!

I've just joind to the expat-blog! Thanks for the tips Aneta :)
I'm coming on Saturday, too!


Hi ALL...where is the aperitif?

Welcome dear!

Thanks! I just joined. I moved to Milan a couple of months ago. Hope to meet you all soon.

i'm not so sure for tomorrow guys. will be in touch with some of you who i got the contact with me already.


hi guys where and when its the aperitive? i'm not english i'm italian but i would like to emprouve me english with you :)

Hi guys !

I'm also in for the aperitivo tonight.
See you all there !

Vinvompis its here http://www.sansegal.it/

I think time was said 6pm, i will be there at 7

if anyone feels like it, im up for a meeting tomorrow?(monday)

at moms or anywhere you want?

Hey there!

I would love to join you guys on the next aperitivo! I'm Italian but I love meeting new people, especially Internationals!:)

When and where is it going to take place?

So where are we going next friday guys???

Corsa Sempione has some nice bars for apertivo or Corsa Como, which also has some clubs for those interested (I think I will skip the club this time!)

HI guys,

i would be with you but on friday i go to Rome for the weekend !

Have a nice aperitivo and... cheers !!! :top:

I second Kate on Corso Como or Corso Sempione.  If it's on Thursday I can make it, but not on Friday.

Corso Como sounds good to me too, I would love to explore some Clubs as well ! ...I'm free Thursday but honestly I do prefer Friday coz we can stay out ...all night long ;)

Hi guys, i can only in thurs like Rachel corso sempio i think is better for aperitivo, corso Como better for club or just drink something..

Hey guys !

The area sounds good to me. I'm available on both thursday and friday but got also a preference for the friday since no work on saturday.

thursaday i prefer please


i vote to friday, too :)

do you have any places in mind kate? rachel I can only do thursday as well

Hi just arrived, I ' ll try to be there as well!

Hey guys, so tomorrow?

not really, the only one I know is Jazz Cafe, good food for apertivo and good cocktails, but I don't know what it is like inside.  I've only had the apertivo sitting outside.  Maybe Stee20 would have a better idea of where is good there?

Ok Let's try this jazz cafe, around 6.30/7.00 ? seems good?

tonight btw

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