Ola!! My name is James Alfred, currently in MBEYA CITY accomplishing my final year in DIPLOMA OF ARCHITECTURE TECHNOLOGY at MBEYA UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. Have already worked with various Architecture Firms as i went for Industrial Practical Trainning(Field studies) during each Semester Holidays since the year 2011 and successful did their Projects, such Firms include Arch High Tech Consult in Mwanza and Qd Consults in Dar es salaam. So if there is anyone there with informations concerning BOTSWANA and how i can easily be able to work there, please volunteer and share it with me so that i can get a head start towards my future plans as i shall be accomplishing my DIPLOMA studies as an ARCHITECT TECHNICIAN later this year. I will be happy if i get some answers. For easy contact, one can call 0767 232527. THANK YOU!

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hey..am tulla want to live and work in botswana. i hold  BSc in environmental sciences and management also Msc. forestry. i like tutoring jobs at universities as i currently work as a lecturer in tanzania...can anyone connect me?

Hey guys, you need to get employment. Or probably visist to see the system here. You are entitled to 3 months visit in a year and that time can help you make up your mind on relocating to Botswana. (Moderated: no free ad on the forum pls + get registered in the business directory > Immigration consultants in Botswana)

Hi Almega, I'm very muchief interested in moving to Botswana to work as an architect. And I would really appreciate it if you could help me out with any specific information with respect to working in Botswana's building/construction industry. Thank you.

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