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All the information you need to relocate and live in Botswana.

About Botswana

Botswana is pride to be one of Africa's economically, politically, and socially most stable countries thanks to its long-living multi-party democracy, which allows multiple parties to run for national election and become part of the government, separately or in a coalition, and thanks to its stance on human rights and anti-corruption.

Botswana's main income comes from the diamond trade. Botswana is producing the highest-quality diamonds in the world, and only after Russia, is producing the world's largest amounts of diamonds. The diamond industry along with responsible governance have boosted Botswana's economy, which is nowadays classified as an upper middle-income country ' a true success story.

Botswana's economy is also highly dependent on the upmarket safari tourism ' a sector in which it prevails thanks to its long history of wildlife conservation and strict rules when it comes to protecting the diverse natural beauty. Here, safari enthusiasts can encounter lions, elephants, giraffes, hyenas, flamingos, and aardwolves among other animals.

The climate in Botswana is subtropical, with temperatures averaging between 28°C and 21°C. From December to March is the rainy season whereas August can bring dust storms, which may affect visibility.

Quick Information

Official Languages : English
Currency : Pula
Area : 600370 Km2
Population : 2029307
Calling Code : +267
Timezone : Africa/Gaborone

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