Can you speak Arabic? Lets learn new words

it's easy to write arabic you should start writing the alphabet ا.ب.ت.ث...... and than you can make words and than sentences keep going😊

What is your recommendation to speed up the lessons?

Watching YouTube and starting with basic words. The daily words is easy to learn.

Maybe this would help a bit. Learning few words before you come to Saudi Arabia is really helpful. Feel free to visit this blog. … in-jeddah/

I have good material if you need I will give

You know for me its easy to learn the arabic words than to write an arabic letters or words...really i cant...i tried but until now its hard for me...ive been working here for 3 years and ive learn a few words but if i heard them talking eachother i cant understand too much..,my big problem is to write and read the arabic letters...coz until now i dont know how to write the arabic letters.

Yes I can help you

I can tech any one want leearn Arabic 🤗Coz
I want to learn new languages..

Salaam , I really want to learn speaking Arabic , it's very important here , Thanks

Hi All,

There is very good and professional tool for learning language. Following is the detail.

Application/Tool Name: Rosetta Stone

You have to add desire language pack(s) as many as possible. I'm using it for Arabic.


‘I had tea this morning ‘
How to say it in Arabic

can anyone teach us how to use English Arabic characters with numbers? I cant find it anywhere

We don't translate literally. We say I drank tea in the morning.

Ana sharabtu shaee Fe Sabah.

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