Learning Slovak, are there online audio clips to help?

Greetings sojourners,

I am attempting it learn basic Slovak before our departure this upcoming fall. I can read colors and numbers and do very basic arithmetic, however, only on paper. I have no idea if what I am saying is correct!

Does anyone know of a website that has audio clips of basic Slovak words. I know there are translation guides everywhere (where they tell you how to pronounce an A with an accent over it, etc.) but in my experience, I learn a lot faster if I could just hear the word. Not to mention, it could really help my confidence. :)

Any help is appreciated.

Hi there, I don't know of anything specific, but you might try Youtube and see what comes up.

For a written guide, you can see if [Links is not working] helps. I wrote it after living in Slovakia for 4 years myself and know what it's like to learn Slovak as a foreigner.

Have a good trip.

I actually found something on my own!

google translate has a nifty translator that then provides the option to hear what is being said. it doesn't just work for slovak but for a vast majority of other languages as well.

here is the site translate.google.com

hope this helps anyone who may be in the same boat!

thank you margarette for the pronuciation guide. that will help me better understand the logistics of how to pronounce slovak words.

Google translator is not a very good idea, since it always messes up some words. But it's a good thing to start with.ts

I am Slovak,but leaving in France.

My husband (after 6 years) still doesn't speak slovak.
Also now as I speak to my son only slovak, he starts to understand.

I bought him a book with CD that's really good. (He lost it!!!)
I can't remember the name; something like Teach Yourself Slovak.

Good luck

Hi, you can find more sources related to learning Slovak here:
Good luck :-), Katka

This is, in my view, a very good online resource for learning Slovak. The lessons are in a very logical order, and everything is pronounced for you:


You can also download all the audio from each lesson in a single MP3 file, and listen to it on your iPod. Finally, there are also brief blurbs about Slovak culture.

I'm also starting to learn Slovak and found some iPhone applications which provide not only words in writing but also their sounds.

I would be careful using the google.translator. My husband is Slovak. It doesn't always give you the correct word or form of the word.

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