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Hello, I'm a Kenyan acrobat and now I live in Italy. Someone is acrobat or traditional dancer too? maybe I can join :)  Or do you know someone? thank you

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Are you looking to join a club?

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Hi! What do you meaning for club? i'm looking to do anything like acrobatic show or african dance. But i'm also looking for a job, like security guard :)

Hi zimbwe,

What Hasnaa asked you previously is whether you want to join a club, a club refers to a number of people that join together for the same interest or hobbies. So in your case, are you searching to join a club of acrobatics please? :)

Concerning your job search, i suggest you to do an online search concerning recruitment websites and you may also drop your CV in the Jobs in Italy section. :)

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Hi! yes, I'm looking to join an acrobats group or to make a new group to do acrobatic show or african dance, because is what I love to do. I always did that and I'd like doing that also in Italy, or making something similar but new! And to meet new people :)
Thank you, I will look the job section!!

I'm currently living in South Africa, but I'm really interested in relocating to Rome, Italy. I would love to work in a Marketing field. Anybody have some advice for me as to where to start looking for a job opportunity?

@AninaGrobler - pls note that you can drop your resume in the Marketing job offers in Italy section please :)

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