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I am currently based in Mumbai and getting an offer in a tax consulting firm in KL. I am married and have a 3 month old boy. Need answers for following, please help

- A salary of RM9k (excl tax) is good enough with 5.5 yrs of work experience. I am getting only 10% to 15% jump compared to Mumbai.

- How widespread is the Indian community.

- Is the city safe enough to stay

- Appx family expense with a 2bhk flat

You can do your homework here (Malaysia will be about 40% more expensive than Mumbai):

http://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/co … rrency=MYR

http://www.expatistan.com/cost-of-livin … pur/mumbai

For property rentals:


Indian community is spread over most areas and is about 15% of the population. There are preferred areas in and around KL, but it depends where your office is.  You should live as close as possible. Safety is OK.

Thx ya ... Have done the research on these web but wanted to know a pratical perspective ...

do you know any professional like a chartered accountant or someone like thr ? They would exctly know what I am looking for ... If yes can you pass on their email address to me ... thx once again ya

So your questions were actually superfluous? Here is a Guide to salary levels in Malaysia. Salaries always have ranges - see pages 11/12:

http://www.kellyservices.com.my/uploade … y_Services(1)/4-Resource_Center/Malaysia%20salary%20guide%20ebook.pdf

Hopefully an accountant will see your question - if you look back through the blog there was recently someone writing postings about tax. Lifestyle costs in Malaysia and you would need to see if you can afford your current standard here as the salary raise would be absorbed immediately by higher costs.

People survive on a lot less than your salary offer, but I guess the question is whether it is a career step or a career interruption that will not lead anywhere.

not superfluous ... I have heard all sorts of salary ranges over past few weeks ... Need comfort on what is fair basis for me to negotiate ...

It is a question of big career move .. os getting jittery


that link doesnt open ... can u mail if possible at vrushang[at]gmail.com

Hi I happen to be a UK chartered accountant although I changed career. One friend here is a local with ten years experience as a chartered accountant gets 5k per month. Salaries are low here as accountancy not a respected profession (culture of corruption means financial analysis and audit are not really wanted! Accountants are just bean counters)

So 9k fair. But a low local salary and with a family too low. Cost of living in kl is very high in many ways it is western cost of living. So you will be worse off.

Hi Vrushang
I am also from Mumbai and got a job transfer from my employer. I have not yet shifted but may do so in a couple of months. I have been doing a lot of research on cost of living in KL. Here is my analysis:
1. House 2BHK - range from RM 2000 onwards - depends on the area.
2. Familiy expenses - Milk, grocery (whatever we purchase from Dmart in Mumbai), RM 1000
3. Vegetables - RM 30 a week
4. Fruits - RM 30 a week
5. electricity - RM 250 (with occasional AC)
6. Water, sewage - RM 60
7. TV/phone/internet - RM 320
8. occasional outing twice a month, simple food, without alcohol/non veg - RM 500 per month
9. Transportation - depends on your requirement, buses not very convenient like BEST, but people in KL do use metro and buses regularly, Taxis are almost same price as Mumbai, start from around 1RM. I travelled 60 km from airport and paid RM 70 incl toll
10 Maid servant is costly - around 15RM per hour if they come every alternate day. or can be almost RM 1200 for around 4 hours daily , but again depends what you want them to do, and where u stay.
Overall :
House - RM 2000 atleast (unfurnished)
grocery - RM 1500
others - RM 1000
transpotrtation ?; maid ?, add premium for the area where u stay

BUT 1 question - u say 9000RM is only 15% more than ur Mumbai salary, which means u ar getting around INR 1,50,000  month(excl tax) Thats is a very good in Mumbai, if u have a house and car. That life style cannot be matched in KL @ RM 9000. I hope you know that in Malaysia PF is on the gross salary, so you will get 23% less in hand. check with ur employer before hand on this also.

@ Nemodot, Gravitas - am i correct? please let me know.

Hello did you accept the job?

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