How far does salary of RM 38000 pm goes?


I have been offered a position in KL with salary of around 38000 R per month. We are family with 3 school going kids. The school fees will be taken care of by employer.

So wanted to understand is this amount good enough for decent lifestyle?


That's massive. Apply tax slabs and I suspect you should be able to easily save 20k pm.

Very sure!

So far I have been living in Malaysia, even I am single, 38,000 RM per month is huge money. I also think almost in the world.
The luxury condominium in KL rental would be from 5000 RM to 7000 RM full enough.
Your company paid for your kid's school! it is amazing. Here foreigner school fees are not cheap. But you do not worry about it.
This 38,000 RM for your all family members can bring you to very decent life.
Good live in KL

Yeah, that is 9000USD + School fees.
In which part of the world does this money doesn't suffice! Best of luck OP

That's an amazing package, great work!
Let me know if you need any advice re. school places - fantastic that your company will cover the fees (and increasingly rare!)

Thank you for your responses. Really appreciate it. However I had to decline the offer due to some personal situation. I had declined before I viewed the responses... it would have been very difficult to decide if I had viewed the responses earlier :)

Thank you again.

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