English teaching qualification in Budapest


I fell in love with Budapest when I was there last year and am planning to move there to try to find a job teaching English. Could anyone who is teaching there now answer a few questions for me?

1. Is it necessary to have some kind of teaching qualification? I have a college degree in English, but I've never taught before and I don't have any certification. If so, which qualification is best? I've heard about the CELTA but it's kind of expensive...

2. How easy is it to find a job? How about housing?

3. What is the average salary like?

Hope someone can help. Thanks!

If you are a US citizen, to work (legally) in Hungary (or in Europe) you generally first need to get a work visa (or marry a European then request residency under family re-unification rights, or have dual citizenship already yourself). Americans just coming to Europe and looking for work without the proper visa is as generally frowned upon as a non-US citizens coming to America without a work visa looking for work....

That being said, there are a few bloggers here who are teachers. Might consider contacting them for their experiences if they do not chime in here directly themselves.

Hi there,

To be honest, I could not answer your questions, but check the site below. They search native speakers. They may be able to answer and help you:


Hi, I am a freelance English teacher in Budapest. When you start out it's best to get some work through a language school. About half of them require some sort of TEFL/CELTA/TESOL type qualification but some will just require a degree.
One thing I would mention is that you need to be able to explain English grammar thoroughly, so it is worth doing a qualification anyway.
You could try the American School in Budapest they are always looking for teachers. Otherwise Google and you will find many language schools here looking for native teachers.
As for housing it's cheap and easy to get hold of, try this website: ingatlan.com

Good luck.

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