Looking for female friends!

Hey Ladies!

I am an American expat in Khobar/Dammam and I'm looking for some American girls who would like to hangout. I don't know many people here so my life in Saudi Arabia is quite boring. I also have a husband so any married couples who want to get together for a double date please let me know!

I am an easy going person and I really get along with anyone. Don't feel shy to message me. As most of you know, making friends can be difficult. So let's try to bond and get to know each other!

Good morning,

my wife is coming to Khobar on 19/10.

we are greeks and we are living in a compound (gulf Pearl 2)

it will be nice to spend time together!

we will message you when she arrives!


Goldmine wrote:

Good morning,

my wife is coming to Khobar on 19/10.

we are greeks and we are living in a compound (gulf Pearl 2)

it will be nice to spend time together!

we will message you when she arrives!


Hey  Manos,

My husband and I go to Gulf Pearl Compound quite a lot, so we know where it is. It's nice to meet another English speaking couple! How old is your wife?

Hi Dania  :)

It would've been an awesome chance being friends with you if I only lived in Dammam :(
I am also a young married lady and new to Saudi Arabia living in riyadh with no friends lol
If u wanna come visit riyadh don't hesitate to contact me sweety
Have a nice day enjoy xxxx



If you are still around, my wife and I (PLUS 2 KIDS) should be there in Jan, very happy to meet etc. British.


Guys, my wife and I recently moved to Khobar. Would love to socialize if anyone's interested.



why we can message u .. we r in khobar .. just want inbox u our details

Oh! this is beautiful   :)
Why don't singles get along in Saudi just like couples do  :(

Hmmmm... Singles get along !! A question in itself ??  :unsure

I asked many people about this a month ago.. wanted people to get along some day in Khobar or Jubail or At Fanateer Beach.. !! for at least a game of football.. Say on the beach !!  :sosad:

No Reply till date .. But still optimistic ... :(

Hi Dania,
   I can't seem to message you, so I have sent you a contact request.

Hi Guys,

Even i also moved from Gurnee Mills, USA and looking for friends. My plan is to bring family in Feb 2014.
I am from South Indian Origin.



@dswelam my wife and I would be interested in meeting up/doing a double date let me know if you are are up for it
If anybody else wants to meetup they are more than welcomed to just drop me a message!



Hi we also from south india living both together. hope you are also staying as cpl. we are from south india too. pls reply to meet each others

Hi All,

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Thank you


There is a new women's college opening near the tip of Al Khobar, so there will be a few dozen new women in town.

At the moment, I'm living in the Ar Rawabi neighborhood. Just got here less than a week ago. Feel like I've already been spending too much on taxis to get to the interesting spots.

So, not only would I be happy to meet some non-co-workers, I'd also like to move farther south, closer to the downtown and my work.

No phone yet, but I've got internet!

you can get a sim card on your passport

Hi/Salaam Guys,

My wife and I are new (kind of) to Khobar. I'm usually at work all day while my dear wife (queue the violin) stays home all day waiting for me!

I would like a) my wife to get to know other women and b) to go out with other expat couples and create a community feel here. Also, if anyone has a compound then I'm not saying no to an invite :p Cheers!

Fayyaz & Nafeesa from Scotland!

I am looking for female friends too.It would be an advantage if you can travel bahrain because there's nothing much to do here except shopping or eating.
I'm not married so no couples pls.It would be too boring for me.

Forgot to mention this.............things I am interested in doing are horse riding,water sports,diving or even playing games like laser tag match.I also love going on mountains,jungle trekking,caving but all this is impossible to do in mid east.
I do not smoke,drink alcohol and I also do not like loud music.
I hope it is clear now what kind of friends I am looking for and I won't get any private messages  with the same question.

thanks....... :)

How are you doing and welcome to Khobar! :)
I was just wondering why your wife is bored living in a compound?
Compound life is much different than living in apartments outside.You have the freedom to walk even drive,play,swim,do whatever you like?
I have lived all my life in a compound actually and I miss that now.It's not difficult to make friends in compound,just go to neighbors house and say hi to them and invite them over for breakfast or tea together.
I hope this will help you guys in making friends where you live.
tc and hv a lovely day :)

knoerfke wrote:

m married but would you like to ask you whther we can meet without double date?

The OP is looking for FEMALE friends.

FYI. This forum is not a dating site.


Hi there,
My name is Sam and my wife is Ghada. We r a couple half American/Lebanese. i am a captain work for saudi airlines and she is Dr. and We are looking for friends over here. Pls let me know if you are you interested to meet.


Hi everyone,

My name is John and my wife's name is Viviana, Im from South African (26) and she's Italian/Chilean (31) I work as an English Lecturer at one of the unis here, and she chills at home lol. I'm hoping to help my wife find some female friends out here as well as make some new friends myself, so if any of you are keen to meet up for a cup of coffee somewhere in khobar let me know?

+966543322013 (whatsapp)

I'm happy to meet once we arrive there hopefully by the end of Jan 2015!
I will be keen to make new friends, I am from UK but lived in South africa for many years too.

Would love to meet up with your wife when we get there hopefully end of Jan.
I'm also South african

Cool, well just msg me closer to the time, and we can arrange a double date for dinner or what not, after that im sure you girls can exchange numbers and make plans after that. Keep well and goodluck with the travel plans

Thanks so much r u in Riyadh ? Has your wife settled in ok and enjoying living there ?

Nope, we're in Khobar actually, and yes she is thanks for asking. She visited Saudi last year when I was working in Riyadh so she knows what it's like. The coastal cities are much nicer as they have private western beach resorts that make Saudi just a tad more bearable.


I am still trying to find females to socialize with. Please feel free to message me or post a reply regarding a meet up.

I am also open to a double date with my husband, as well as a group hangout.

Hope to hear more replies!

Best Regards,

Hi Sam,

My husband and I would be delight to schedule a meet up with you and your wife. If you are still available/interested then please feel free to message me.

Best Regards,


I am looking for women to hangout.

I'm a Saudi girl.

Hi my husband and me just moved to Khobar we are  from India

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