Looking for friends in Al Khobar


I am an American working in Saudi Arabia and I am about to lose my mind here.  There is not really anything to do but eat, sleep and go to the mall!  LOL.  Of course there is no chance for social interaction at the mall.  I think I would be thrown in prison for talking to a female and the males don't look like the sociable type.  What to do?

I would really like to meet some expats who are sharing the same issues I am!  Anyone looking for good intelligent conversation?  Man or woman, I don't care at this point.  If you are arabic or filipino and want to learn English I will teach you.  In exchange, teach me arabic or tagalog.  I have Skype and also all of the usual ways to communicate by smartphone...Viber, Line, Tango...etc.

If you want to talk to me, let me know!  I hope to hear from someone soon!


can you please tell me how old are you
and where do you live
I am 34 from Egypt live in Khubar

we can be friends if you wish
I can help you little to live some social life

Hi there

This is Mohammed from Riyadh would like to befriend. I am a broad minded person and fun loving. If you are interested stay in touch.



I am Lebanese living in Riyadh. I wish we can chat some time. I am also finding it difficult living in KSA. we can share ideas and give you some advises.

yeah you are right this is really a terrible place.so the only thing to do is look for other alternatives.so look for chat friends.


I noticed you are in Riyadh too, can we chat some time ?


Hello dear friends i hope u all r ok i am searching a good friends

well you may get friends of your choice.

how can we chat. pls lemme know. is it online or over phone.
thanks and regards

yeah sure buddy
lemme know means of chat

Hello Jonathan,

If you interested in intelluctual conversation and some social life, try calling and visiting one of the toastmasters group in Khobar. you will find them in this website (along with what is Toastmaster if you didn't know)
http://reports.toastmasters.org/findacl … =Al-Khobar

All the best!! :top:

Hey bro, go to Bahrain, it's a lot of fun, I'm going for Halloween. You'll meet lots of friends.


I am plus 40 and fun loving guy work for airlines.

I think age doesnt matter these days especially to enjoy life.

I beleive one should life to the core.

just look around you just need to say hello ... people here are we friendly and easy to be friends...

how can we stay in touch

my b we can use fb for keep in touch

Usman.Ghani wrote:

my b we can use fb for keep in touch

You can also use EB to keep in touch :)


Hello Jonathon

My family are very possibly coming to live in Al Khobar in Jan, and very happy to hook up.

We British, although wife is actually Cuban.

Tell me, can you get Wi-Fi in a compound house? as you mention that you have Skype.


Hello Jonathon
Shoot me a message if you wanna hang out sometimes, I would be delighted

Billyboy125 wrote:

Tell me, can you get Wi-Fi in a compound house? as you mention that you have Skype.



We do have internet connections and plenty of stores that selles Wifi routers. Moreover the service providers are in the midset of installing fiber optic lines and some areas in alkhobar/dammam have them and already in use with great feedback.
The internet business is the fastest growing business in SA, you can see why lol

Hi Jonathon

Thanks for that. Like you, would go crazy without home internet over there I imagine.

I am happy to set up a Skype call if you want to give me an insight into what we might be getting ourselves in form...Skype details?


Hello Johnathon,
i saw your comments, i agree some of your points but not at all. for social entertainment you can go Behrian and out side the country, or there are special places for non Muslims you can go there.
if we come to this country we should take care of this country rules and regulations and i Saw many american and eurpians  they are taking care of these things and i really appreciate them,...and i am really impressed from those who are taking care of their cultures etc.
by the way you mentioned about English Language, i am really interested to Learn English i knows 60% but i cannot speak continuously. i need help from your side. by the way i am from pakistan and you will find me a best friend.
please send me your skype.

living here for the first time is really very hard.you will have a culture shocked but you have to work so you have to adjust.
and you are right theres so many restrictions here and you have to follow.but dont worry,internet allowed here.
by the way thanks for offering a free language lessons for saudis and filipinos but in our country our second language is English.

Hey I'm 22 years old  who was born and raised in SA
And now I'm in alkhobar visiting friends and family .
If anybody wanna be friend or need help I'm here

that is great i need somebody to help me ameliorate my English accent,and to get friends from khobar or dammam,contact me please

yea i would like to have an outgoing friend

Hello Jonathan!

how are you? are you still in Al Khobar?
Two years after I'm in the same situation that you were.
I'm  spanish and I'm looking for people for speak and friendly.

Hello that is great send me cobtact


I am here in Khobar , if you planning for outing consider me in

Best Regards,


Tha is great let communicate and meeet

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Looking for people who I can interact with and will help me develop and improve my public speaking skills, English grammar, leadership and everything.

Hi im Mark filipino and i want to be friend with you! I am living in khobar. I have whatsapp, Line, wechat, facebook, twitter & Instagram.