Employment contacts for lady in Al-Khobar

Good evening everyone,

I am a South African / Australian lady currently living in Al-Khobar and would love to be able to obtain some
admin / secretarial type work.

Would appreciate any information / possible leads from any member on this group.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

ps - I can be contacted by email at alsgal1(@)gmail(.)com

I think its a tough asking. AFAIK, companies have to hire saudi women for any female hires. Also, i heard that as per saudisation laws the company gets 5 male credit if they hire 1 saudi female, so more often they prefer to hire saudi women over expats regardless of how much more talented most of the expat women are. Arabic speaking is also one of the reasons for this.

Hi Paula and welcome to Expat.com! :)

I would suggest you post an ad in the Khobar Classifieds >Jobs>Secretary/Administrative and hopefully you'll get a response.

Best of luck to you,

Paula, unless you want spam, I would suggest remove your email id.. lots of that going around.. use the IM in the forum to mail within the forum..

and Admin jobs... I have no idea..

ANd vicks is right.. As far as I have seen comapanies prefer to hire Saudi women rather.

Best of luck still.. Hope you find what you are looking for!

without special skills, it is though to find jobs here, you could apply for teaching positions best of luck

Saudization policy says expatriates can not take administrative, financial and receptionist jobs and its strictly implemented.

Companies got black listed and not getting visas when they dont follow , so its a tough ask to for an expatriate to get into these fields. :)

Thanks for the input ev1.  I know it was a big ask but thought there was nothing to lose by asking.

I have been in the kingdom for a good couple of years and did work when I was in Riyadh but have just found it impossible to find anything here in Khobar :(
I just find it extremely boring sitting home all day every day and still can't understand how woman manage to do it with a smile.

Anyways thanks again :)

Where are you staying now alsgal ? I am from Durban SA and will be Al Khobar soon . Which part of South Africa were you from ? Do you have any kids ?

Look forward to hearing from you .



Hi Tania
Was from JHB and I have 3 kids but only the youngest is still at home (she will be 14 this year).
We stay on Oasis Gardens in Khobar.
When do u expect to be over? 

Ps - feel free to message me if u need any info that u think I could help with

Hi Paula !

I have sent you an e-mail !

Take care


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