Best VPN to use?

Could anybody living in China tell me which VPN site they prefer to use? Thanks! :)

150 rmb a year... I loaded the same account at work on the Lenovo/IBM desktop, my MacAir and my iPhone... hardly gets disconnected on the Apple products....occasionally on the Lenovo/IBM. Don't know why, don't care.


Can u log in from two dif pcs at the same time? Sorry im trying to understand how it works. Does it still use data from your internet connection or do youe u pay extra for the data you use while logged in?

melis82 :

Can u log in from two dif pcs at the same time? Sorry im trying to understand how it works. Does it still use data from your internet connection or do youe u pay extra for the data you use while logged in?

Normally I found that I couldn't have two different pcs or a pc and my phone using the same single account at the same time.

Yes you're using your internet connection in conjunction with the vpn. The vpn has to connect to the internet. All the vpn does is connect you to a different ip number. Sometimes Google thinks I'm in Japan or in the USA.


thanks Chris. really sucks these blocked sites :/

melis82 :

thanks Chris. really sucks these blocked sites :/

I agree. I use my vpn all the time since I'm always using over seas search engines, email accounts, etc. I also found using a vpn has helped increase the speed and allowed more variety of sites to be present when I do searches. Even blogs are fire walled not to mention FB and YT but not Skype

If you're looking for a good social network to stay in touch with locals. Try; QQ International (unless you read Chinese then use the regular QQ it's much better. WeChat is extremely popular and loads in English and super easy to use unlike QQ.


hey thanks, already have qq email and wechat. cannot speak or read Chinese yet. I really thought there would be more English speakers about. Wasn't I naïve!

Give it some time...

At least with Wechat you can connect with the contacts in your phone.

Upload QQ International for your PC, but the QQ phone App is only in Chinese.

Now you need to upload the Google Translate App. I've tried about 10 different apps and Google translate is still the easiest to use...btw no matter what translation App you use it's a literal translation... so it might be a little confusing to read... but it'll give you an idea nonetheless.


Thanks Kris I'll download it. btw, I have vpn! astrill, recommended by middle kingdom life (best page I've found with regards to honest info and advice concerning China!)it's super fast and with the home plan you can log in from 5 diff devices. super stoked! :)

Thanks Melis82,

I'll look it up!


pleasure! and you can choose which country to get it from so I can watch BBC too! :)

Use SenVPN.  It's not overpriced and works well.

use goagent, very fast!

anybody whose using freegate for fb...share :) :(

Everyone offers suggestions for VPNs but no-one supplies a link to their websites. I've not been able to find any of them using western search engines... so how about it folks...


Kris... maudit tabarnak

haha here you go! :)

Well, most Chinese can speak one or two English these days.
Back to the point, I have Freegate, goagent and the newest one I recommend is Lantern.
Personally I haven't got a chance to use it, as goagent works fine for me.
For goagent download link, create a gmail and follow instructions (there've been a lot on internet).
Youpi, 道高一尺魔高一丈, blocker sucks, VPN sucks back~

try those

Thanks for the suggestions, I miss talking to my family

I think this could help: I have tried it to access sites that are blocked from my point of origin and is simply the best among other vpn services that i used to have.

Checkout, there is a great!!! List of VPN providers.

FlyVPN, have covered VPN servers in USA, Britain, European countries...plenty of servers to change if one of them down, i've been using it these 3 years. But sorry i have forgotten their website can not be opened in China...

Try this one -

Also... if you are using an Iphone or smartphone, download the app Xskywalker. It will allow you to open western browsers, FB and Twitter etc. It's initially in Chinese, but once ya click on the FB or Twitter tabs you should be fine.

My friend just returned for China and used the site

Apparently they keep an updated list of providers that work in China so if you're looking for an updated working VPN for use in China then you should make it your first stop.

All these VPN's pay huge amount of cash to Chinese Net Police to be able to operate legally in China.

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i am using freegate ..... best for fb and yt .... and its free ....

and if u can afford then use vpn .... 40 yuans for 6 months ......

can open all kinds of sites

Notice to all geniuses ... Please DO NOT share the names of VPN's that work.

Want to help someone please reply to him/her privately.

The GFW people close ones that work and are too popular.

I'd recommend a VPN testing website based in China:

They test many VPNs from China and recommend the best VPNs for China:

VPN Baron WORKS in china
Use them with the  DPI Protection on ( Deep Package Inspection) and you won't have any trouble. They mask your VPN traffic as regular HTTPS traffic, making it impossible to detect.

VPNBaron is the way to go

I’ve been using cheap vpn service but very reliable such as: Works at high speed, secure, and great for my needs and budget.       

Been using PureVPN for a while now and they are pretty reliable VPN service. Speed is good as of my experience and they have servers in China and everywhere else. They also offer SmartDNS service

After doing lots of research I found a highly recommend best china vpn which has remarkable features, allow user to disable Chinese firewall and access sites like facebook. It is also useful for online streaming and provides complete anonymity which means a user can easily do his activities without any problem.

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I live in Australia and now I am moving to china for 3 months, I want to know which VPN is supportable in china?

Yes , Astrill is pretty reliable.
I have been using it since 2013 and  never had problem with the connection, you could use it for two different gadgets or if you want more, you can upgrade it.

there are many good ones.... but Express VPN beats them all...

Try ark VPN. U will get daily 15mins for free

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