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I've been living in Nanjing for about 2 years now, and the internet is absolutely killing me, during the day, no website will load unless its located in China, and even those take several seconds to load..

I upgraded my current China Telecom to the highest speed [95 mb's.] which sped it up by very little... I was talking to my friend who lives in Guangzou, who said Unicom works fine during the day. Currently I have to stay up all night to use the net.

I'm in the inner Nanjing metropolis, do any of you have China Unicom / telecom and tell me which is faster? I Really need to switch it, I can't stay up during the night anymore.Please reply, thanks!

I know the problem since I lived in China for 4 years.
A bit strage is that you say no foreign Website opens. Usually most of them do (a bit slower than abroad, but however), but only a smaller number is blocked and you will be routed to a Chinese web-page, or the page is simply not available.

To avoid this use a good VPN. This will cost a small amount each month, but it worked perfectly.


As first you should ask China Telecom to replace your modem and make sure they will replace with new one. Most of the time the modem is second or third hand.
I'm living in Guangzhou and using China Unicom that sucks as much as China Telecom.
So, the other option is to get fiber connection.
In any case this is not gonna make your life better if you need to surf through international website.
One solution is VPN but also in this case you can be frustrated due to the fact you need to keep changing server to be connected.
After using two different VPN service, two months ago I installed two a different type of VPN that works all the time without changing the server. The ISP is fully licensed and there is not problem to be block by the authority (that's what they told me and so far seems true).
Bye now

I had been living in china since 2006

i currently am using psiphon3 both for windows and android

my qq is 515482628

I can send you file if you request.

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