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Has anyone experience with ExpressVPN?


I an American expat who has been living in China for almost 7 years. The government recently began a crackdown on VPN services here and many of the VPNs that expats use here were blocked.

I have been using ExpressVPN for 2 years now and I highly recommend it.

1. They have great customer service, including 24/7 online chat support.
2. The speed of the VPN is great.
3. The offer a 30 day free trial
4. It is reasonably priced.
4. Their IT engineers work hard to bypass the blocks and restrictions the government continuously try.

So, I would suggest you check it out and try it if you want to have a reliable VPN service in China

I queried Express VPV with them and they state that they have never had a problem in the last decade.

I haven't had any troubles with them though I wouldn't recommend it. Throughout the whole bunch of VPNs I tested I would call this one

Are you in China and using this VPN? Because there was a recent crackdown here in CHina by the govt. on VPN services and a lot of them dont work anymore here or are super slow.

ExpressVpn is working here in china,but only the US and Hong Kong - Tokyo is up and running at the moment. this is a great company trying very hard to stay ahead and it have been successful for them after the crack down

yeah....unfortunately at the moment there are only a handful of servers that work.

yeah, but better than none I also sometimes have luck to connect to UK and Germany, but I am happy just one works otherwise Im stuck

My friend is also in China and he preferred to use express vpn.

Express VPN could not be made to work on my system for no apparent reason, and nothing unusual about my system. I know of others who have had plenty of issues with Express, and most of them, especially at Congress time and other major events.

I have used Lantern for almost 4 years now, has it's moments but i give it a 95% rating. I am mightly peeved off at them that they use Google services as a foundation for their bad anyway customer service, problem being when it's down (not often fortunately) you can't contact them as you need them or a VPN in China to connect to Google, a catch 22 situation.

Same as downloading 'GetLantern', you can not connect to their website without a VPN, idiots. Take a USB to a freind who has VPN or Lantern already and get the .exe, the file is only small. 

Anyway, it's completely free to try it as long as you want to, the paid for Pro is the same, just a lot faster.

I've heard that Express VPN was on the crackdown recently and does not work properly, well maybe it does now though. My friend uses NordVPN in China and it works fine. Here's a list of working VPNs in China, maybe it will be useful to someone.

There is a post when I use ExpressVPN in CN, and I put it in, you can go visit it.


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