How to access your Gmail *without* VPN

I just found out about this amazing app called "Mail Master", or the Chinese name "网易邮箱大师". It lets you access your Gmail accounts without any need for VPN. Here's an Android link for the download file: … tease.mail

I know it's also for iPhone, if you just search for it (sorry I'm an Android user myself).

Basically this past week I've been having the worst time connecting with my VPN, but I needed to access some really important emails =( I was ready to just start a new email account from a different service, but then this app was recommended to me. It's a life saver!!

I hope this helps some folks out there like me who just can't let go of their beloved Gmail =)

I got to a page all in Chinese. Is that correct or I did something wrong?
I cannot read Chinese and I'm concerned the download will also be in Chinese.
Thank you

I think the app will adjust to your system language by default, but just in case you can first try just searching for "Mail Master" in whatever app store you normally download from.

The app is in a English for me =)

Well, rest assured that Mail Master is the one loophole for at least accessing Gmail without VPN. My wife and I have been using it for weeks now without any problems.

But I agree, VPN is needed for all other blocked content.

The easiest way to access your Gmail in China is to simply forward the mail to another service that isn't blocked. For example, open a Yahoo! Mail account then go to Settings - Accounts - Add Another Mailbox - Google. Put in your Gmail account details and bobs your uncle - all your Gmail mail in Yahoo and no need for a VPN just to send email.

Yes - I just started using that method too with Yahoo. I think Mail Master is just good if you can't even get VPN access to begin with at all. Last week my VPN wasn't working so I couldn't even connect Yahoo with Gmail because it needed VPN just for the configuration window =( But once you get it all setup that way then it works great.

It's best to set the redirection up before you come to China.

A related issue that hampers my father every time he visits, and doesn't have a redirection to Yahoo set up, is that he has two step authentication turned on in Google. So even with the VPN, we can't set things up since Google tries to send the verification code to his phone back in the UK.

Thanks all.

I am wondering how everyone is able to add gMail to their yMail.  I tried several times and it shows a Pending Status.  Does gMail size matter? Trying to set it up before leaving for China.


Hmmm, I don't think the account size should matter. It just worked fine for me. How long have u been waiting, like days? Is this from the app or on their website? If one doesn't work, then try the other? =p

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