Coming for short business trip to KL

My husband & I are coming for a short business trip to KL, and wondered where would be a good place to stay for 1 week, about a 3 or 4 star motel 15 mins from the city?
Thanks in advance.

Hi, its actually depends on your budgets... try to book earlier in these websites.. near to city centre place will be good if its nearby Bukit Bintang, KL Sentral... most motel is at Bukit bintang area with nice nightlife and shopping :D


This might be interesting for you both. It is a heritage hotel that has been transformed and a modern tower added.

For walkabout convenience and proximity to LRT train line choose a hotel close to KLCC e.g. Traders, Mandarin Oriental, Maya.

The Maya has great food and ambiance and a 21st floor hospitality deck (face to face with the Twin Towers) where free drinks and canape are served in the evening. This would be my choice.  Get a coroporate rate concession before you arrive (dont be put off by the 5* - the prices will be between RM300 - 400 per night max.).

Petaling Street, China Town :)


Welcome to Malaysia in advance. It may be worthwhile checking out a budget hotel called grid9 hotel. Located relatively close to china town. Newly furnished and right opposite maharajalera monorial station. I have recommended several of my friends and they have enjoyed their stay thus far.

Hi Jason,
Thank you for your recommendation of where to stay. Initially I will be with my wife & friends for a week then 1nother 2 weeks on business.

David & Karyn

I was in your nice city on 4 to 7 aug at moone ponds.You could book time share apartment or hotel
Mayflower  in centre of town
I will try get more info if you need.
for weekly.
Depends which your business as traffic jam long when it rain
where business area then can suggest.


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