Seasonal work for US citizen?

Hello all,

My boyfriend (French) and I (American) are planning to stay in Andorra this winter and work for the season.  I was fairly certain US citizens can work seasonally but I would like to confirm.  I'm also an English teacher with preschool - adult learning experience but I'm also unsure if I could find a job doing this, especially as an American.  I have bar manager experience, great references, professional, etc.  I speak Spanish and am learning French quickly, along with some Italian, Turkish, and Thai...I read that I need my police report for the visa and that was all, but I'd like to know, realistically, if I'll be able to work there this winter. 

If yes, we were planning on arriving mid-late November to look for jobs, does this sound about right?


Hi mimers86,

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I'm sure you will get more feedback from the other members.. Meanwhile I suggest you post your resume in the Barman job offers in Andorra section and maybe in the Teaching jobs in Andorra section please, as it might help :)

Best wishes to you and feel free to browse through the discussions on the forum if you are seeking for more information or to ask your questions please

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there is already more than 1000 unemployed people here (population : 60.000 inhab.)
I don't think it will be easy to find a job here, above all for american citizen...Good luck !

Yes, but you had better get here fast, because the jobs are disappearing fast. Difficult to get a permit if you're a U.S. citizen because EU citizens have priority, unless you are highly-qualified in your chosen employment.

This means that you will have to try to persuade your prospective employer that your command of languages fits the bill, because non-EU's are a hassle for him at immigration, so he'll be inclined to take the next one through the door instead. Need any help just contact me via Servissim on the services list.

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