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What work is there for psychologists in Andorra? How would I find out more about this? My husband and I are considering moving there next year as expats and I am wondering how to go about looking for possible jobs before coming. I speak English and Spanish.



Como estan las opportunidades para psicologos en Andorra? Mi esposo y yo estamos pensando mudarnos alla el ano que viene y estoy buscando informacion sobre eso para decidir en lo que puedo hacer alla. Hablo espanol y ingles.


Hello to all, I am Filipino, female, 26yo, and residing in Ordino. I am nursing aide graduate and had worked in the hospital for two years in my country. I am looking for a part time job like cleaning, nanny for babies/children, or elder or disabled of any age. I am flexible. pls do contact me for inquiries about my services...Thanx, Thineza

I can speak English, little Spanish

Thineza, where do you want to work ?

I am looking to rent a room in Andorra with my boyfriend, can someone give me information about were I can find people to live with?
We speak english and spanish. I am from Argentina and he is from USA.
Also looking for jobs can anyone help me to find a place to live and work?
We have a lot of experience in ski areas in hotels and the ski mountain.
Also babysitting.
Can anyone help me?

Hello Jo Ann,

I apologise I was not able to check my message here after I had posted.
I am working as a nanny to a British family and now I am looking for a full time live in or live out nanny to a child/children anywhere in Andorra. Currently I am living in Ordino.
I have work permit and can work as soon as possible.
If you know a family looking for a child nanny, I can meet up with them I am available any time.

Thank you very much,


I am looking to find a job in Andorra and have 18 years experience as an Executive Secretary in Brussels and Barcelona. My last post being in General Electric, Barcelona where I was Office Manager. I am looking for either full or part time work. My mother tongue is English and I speak Fluent Spanish and French and a little German. I am now studying Catalan. Can anyone give me any suggestions or information? I believe the job market is very limited in Andorra from what I have seen and heard. Thanks.

Hi! You can also place an ad in the Andorra classifieds > job section.

Good luck

Thanks Christine for this. I will post an ad there and see if I have any luck.


Hi everyone!Me and my husband would very much like to live and work in Andorra.We both have customer service and sales experience and we speak English,Spanish,little French and Italian.If we come to Andorra and stay for at least 2 months,do u think we could find some jobs there?Thank u.

its good to know about that...


If you do not mind to live in a studio in Canaro (Canillo), contact me drectly at txabi.ertze[at]

Check the classifieds on this forum also, it might be helpful.
Take care and good luck.

je me renseigne depuis quelques temps pour partir en Andorre. Est ce que quelqu'un connaitrait des agences de recrutement andorranes ( domaine bancaire ). J'ai cherché mais rien trouvé!

Merci !

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Hi me and my boyfriend are moving to Andorra on July 2019 do you know of any person who is hiring a couples to live or live out as a housekeeper we’re both from Philippines and currently here in Denmark.

Best regards,

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