North East Coast

Anyone coming to Sokcho over the summer? I am living nearby in Yangyang and there are no foreigners here at all so pls message me if you are taking a weekend trip to this part of the country.


im coming in october

Hey lexified,

You found yourself up in a pretty secluded part of the country didn't you? lol I'm Down in Asan in Chungnam and haven't seen any foreigners here either. It is kind of daunting. What are you doing up in that area? Be great to chat with a fellow foreigner :) Please feel free to contact me!


Yea correct its a really nice place but I have 0 friends here. My wife is Korean and we have a daughter so each year we come to her hometown so she can spend time with her mum and we can get away from winter. We stay here for about 4 months each year. I work on the computer so I can work anywhere. So, yea, I have been here for about 6 weeks this trip and have not had anyone to speak english with... :)

What are you doing down there?


That's really cool that you get to get away from the winter and have a neat place to go to. Minus the not having anyone speak English. I bet your daughter loves getting to see her Grandma and visit an entirely new place :) So you have been here for 6 weeks and haven't ran across andyone who speaks enough English for a conversation? That's rough. I've only been here 1 week and haven't seen one foreigner. And people say they are all over South Korea. Probably Seoul I guess.

I'm in this area to teach English. I spent the last 2 years at my University back in America getting a certification to teach, and I was placed in Asan. It's actually a nice, laid-back type of city. I like that because the hectic nature of big cities bothers me. But with the more rural setting, there is less and less English. I did manage to go to a grocery store and a 7-Eleven nearby without problems, so I consider that a small victory. It's all definitely an adjustment.

What is the area you are located at like? Hopefully not too boring.


see you guys soon on October

yes, Seoul has way too much traffic. I don't want to spend my weekends in a carpark. So Yangyang has its advantages in that there is no traffic at all and there are great beaches nearby. I want to check out the new race track at Inje soon. It's only about an hour away. We have a place called Waterpia which is a water slide fun park that is fun. I like to do mountain biking but the locals here only like to cycle on the road. Really, I spend most of my afternoons cycling or running on my own. It is becoming mind numbing.

The area that I am located in is a small town of about 15,000 people. Kinda cute town. A small main street with about 30 shops on it. I live in an apartment on a hill side.