Top 10 unusual things in Seoul

Updated 2011-05-30 10:19

Cafe spa. There are a variety of places to go for this, but the one I know and can recommend is in

gangnam. Dr Fish are gurra fish and they nibble at the dead skin on your feet making them smooth and beautiful. You can enjoy a coffee and a waffle in the cafe part before heading to the spa area for your treatment. It's fairly cheap ($5 for a coffee and then add $2 for Dr Fish) I know it is A LOT more than this in the UK so take advantage while in Asia! Gangnam exit 6. Walk straight past Krispy Kreme the entrance is next to Teenie Weenie clothes shop.

  1. Head to Myeongdong for some sushi/Kimbap and at post-it heaven. The prices are reasonable and you can add your own post it note to the walls, ceiling or any other space you can find! Myeongdong station - exit 6 walk down towards the shopping area, past Forever 21 and take the next turning after t-world. It's immediately on your right.

  2. A trip to Korea isn't complete without a visit to the noraebang (or singing room). There are two good ones I can recommend; Luxury noraebang in Hongdae, which offers free ice cream, or HiStory noraebang in Kongkuk university where you can don silly animal costumes while singing your heart out (this one also has free ice cream). In Hongdae head out of exit 9, straight past Paris Baguette and take the first left, cross the street and turn right at Taco Bell. Walk up this street for about 10 minutes past all the bars and boutiques. The Luxury Noraebang is on your right. In Kongkuk take exit 2, and turn right out of the exit. Turn first left and then second left (at Log in Convenience store) into a small courtyard. The Noraebang is called 'HiStory' it's next to holly's coffee.

  3. There are 2 'Trick art' galleries in Seoul where visitors can get invloved in the art work, good fun and great photo opportunities head to either Sindorim station (exit 2) head into the big shopping mall to your right and go up to the 6th floor or Hongdae (exit 9) head straight out past Paris Baguette, at the first turning cross the road and turn left up the hill and turn at Taco Bell. The museum is about 3 minutes walk along this road on the right. It's in B1.

  4. Media poles. Have you picture taken on the street, edit to your hearts content and then email it to yourself a momento of your trip. I love these media poles and I take everyone who visits me there to get our photo snapped. Head out of exit 7 at gangnam and walk along the main road. The media poles line the edge of the pavement.

  5. Flavoured soju? check! Silly way to dispense it? Check! Fun all night? Check! Xylophone bar in hongdae offers a sweet alternative to regular soju and they provide it in a petrol (gas) pump devise. You can pump out your drinks into you glass, or mouth if that's how you roll. This is a hof style bar so you are required to order a side dish as well, I can recommend the friend potato plate or fruit yogurt. Out of exit 9 (previously 5) head up to the main street, past KFC and Burger King. When you reach the crossroads carry on straight, the road veers round to the right. The bar is in the building on your left in basement

  6. Mussel and muggle is a small Belguin restaurant in sinchon. Ok so when in Korea you should sample the delights of Korean food, but this restaurant is amazing! Order all types of mussel dishes and get unlimited chips (fries) and bread free. What's not to like? Oh and the place is decorated with frescoes of Thomas the tank engine. What could be more romantic?! Sinchon exit 2. Walk straight until you see Holly's coffee across the street. Take this turning (left) and the take the second left. It's on your left.

  7. Wii bang. Korea has an obsession with 'rooms' (bang) You can go to the singing room (as I've already mentioned) or the PC room (internet cafe) or one of my favourites the Wii room. This is a place for you and your friends to play wii games (there are also playstation and xbox rooms). I sampled the delights of the one in Hongdae for my birthday and a good time was had by all. There is also unlimited buffet food (popcorn, toast, cookies, chocolate, ice cream, tea, coffee, juice) included in your fee. Brilliant! Out of exit 5 of hongik station, head straight past Paris Baguette. At the first turning cross the road and take a left. Walk up the hill and turn right at Taco Bell. Walk along this road for about 10 minutes, you will go past many boutiques and bars. The Wii cafe is on the 6th floor of the building opposite the luxury noraebang.

  8. Pirate BBQ bar/restaurant in gangnam. My friends and I stumbled upon this place back when we first arrived in Seoul and have been going back ever since. This place is legendary to us now. It's mainly a seafood BBQ restaurant, but you can get good galbi (beef) and samgapsal (pork) here too. The tables are neon plastic and the waiters are crazy. It's busy at the weekend but if you head on the quieter week day evenings you're in for a surprise. You can request any song from their PC and they will probably pull you up to the front to dance with them. We've seen a proposal here and flaming foam hearts on the windows. Ask for Noel (the manager) and I'm sure he'll throw in some prawns or extra clams for 'service'. Head out of exit 5 gangnam and walk along the street past Smoothie King and right to the end of the road. Pirate bar is underneath WA bar.

  9. Board game cafe. As with the Wii rooms these are cafes where you can pay to play games with your friends. Depending on the venue they'll have an assortment of board, card or multiplayer games (scrabble, tumbling monkeys, uno, monopoly, jenga) generally you pay to play by the hour and your drinks may or may not be included in the price. It's a good way to spend an afternoon with friends. Two I know of are in Sinchon - head out of exit 3, head stright past McDonald's and Paris Baguette. Turn right at the main crossroads (3rd right) and the board cafe is on the 4th floor. orApgujeong out of exit 5 past McDonalds take the 2nd left and as the road veers round to the left you can see the board cafe on your left in B1.

Things that didn't fit on the list: Dragon hill spa/jimjilbang, VIPs restaurant, all-you-can-eat bbq restaurants, owl and chicken art museum, roofers rooftop bar...

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