As the weather becomes colder‚ climbers throughout Korea dust off their ice gear from out of their closets‚ sharpen and oil their ice tools‚ and eagerly await as the sub-zero temperatures near. And like so many winters before‚ the squeaking noise of metal tools on rock and ice is the sound of where so many of Korea's finest climbers venture out to be-- training out at the artificial ice parks‚ natural falls‚ and even on the three hundred and thirty meter towering goliath of TowuangSeong Ice Fall hidden in the valleys of SeorakSan. Become a part of the wonderful adventure of ice climbing-- read on!

Ice climbing in Korea is one of the most exciting activities to heat up the cold winter as a visitor this wonderful country. South Korean ice climbing offers indoor ice climbing located in the northern reaches of Seoul at the O2 World, artificial ice parks and numerous ice falls throughout.

O2 World is officially the world's highest indoor ice climbing facility, going as high as about twenty meters. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced courses for all levels. Courses range in variety to from just slightly vertical and short to long, hard and technical overhung ice and objective obstacles. O2 World is open every day of the week from 10am to 8pm; however, visits are limited to only two hours typically. The only drawback is that instructors here do not speak very good English, so instruction is limited.

The outdoor artificial ice parks that climbers and novice climbers alike can enjoy in Korea abound. The most popular artificial ice parks presently are located in YeongDong of the ChungcheongNam Province and PanDae and MaeBawi ice parks in Gangwon Province, east of Seoul. Lead climbing is allowed at MaeBawi and PanDae; however, not at YeongDong. All anchors are fixed and set around and at the top of the YeongDong Ice Park. The wonderful about visiting these outdoor ice parks is that there is no fee; however, having an experienced ice climber put the routes up or fix the top-rope anchors is a definite bonus.

Climbing the natural ice falls in South Korea is the most adventurous of the three because unlike the feeling of being inside the giant-sized freezer of O2 World or being within spitting distance of the nearest road and crowds of on-lookers, the natural ice falls are a nice hike out into Korea's wilderness environment, away from all the noise of the cities and into the relaxing sounds of nature. The large majority of Korea's finest multi-pitch falls are almost all entirely in SeorakSan, Gangwon Province; however, there are several exceptional ice falls scattered throughout Korea's numerous forested parks. They offer excellent practice for novice and intermediate climbers who are into practicing French techniques, top-roping or leading smaller and not quite so vertical ice.

Become a part of the adventure. Find your edge. Expose yourself and enjoy the fun of this wonderful sport.