Amateur soccer in south korea

Hey everyone,
my name is Stefan, and I'm looking to teach English in the Busan/Ulsan area in about a month or so, and am curious about amateur soccer leagues in South Korea. At home here in Vancouver, Canada; I play on a club team that trains 2 times a week in the evening, and has a game on the weekend. It's a competitive level and am hoping to find something like this when I move to Korea.

Hope I can find out some info,

Hi there,
Personally I don't know of any active soccer leagues in Ulsan but soccer is a major sport here and I doubt you'll have much difficulty in finding a regular game here.

If you have any questions regarding Ulsan, feel free to ask. I have been in Ulsan nearly 16 months now.


Thanks for the response Andrew,
How do you find Ulsan? Is it as nice as the photos of it?

I really like Ulsan. It's probably not as beautiful as other places in Korea but there's plenty to do and the size is nice being about 1.2 million.

There quite a large expat network of people here as teaching is not the only employment option. Many are employed by Hyundai as Ulsan is home to the largest ship building and car manufacturing in the world.

The variety of food on offer is wonderful and overall the people are lovely. Cost of living is cheap and it's easy to go inter- city at very affordable rates. Been here about 16 months now, am going on vacation in about 5 weeks and then back for another year.

If you're looking for specifics check out an expat site  anything else just ask me.

Do you know where and who you're gonna be teaching with?