Things to do in Seoul alone, with your partner or with your family

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Seoul life is lived outside, with cafes and restaurants proving popular throughout the day and night both during the week and on the weekends.

A clear difference between Western and Korean culture is the Western tendency to invite acquaintances, friends and lovers to our home. However, in South Korea, this is a rare privilege which means that your Korean relationship is considered very close.

In terms of relationships, it is rare and often frowned upon for Koreans to live together before marriage, and many adults - even as old as thirty - still live with their parents. In Korean culture, attending someone’s home is a sign of great commitment, and sometimes engagement is the next step.

Given this strict policy of privacy within their homes, many activities will take place outside the home.

Group activities in Seoul


Seoul is a mountainous city, although the summits are not particularly high (Bukhansan reaches a peak of 836 meters), so it is natural that the inhabitants of the city have adopted hiking as a favourite activity. Dozens of routes are available for all levels of fitness, so even beginners can enjoy a relaxed pace while hiking. Due to the popularity of the pastime, hiking in the mountains is accessible to all members of the family, from children to seniors, and can be a great social activity between friends and even colleagues during Team Building exercises - which are very important to Koreans.

Things to do with the family in Seoul

Temple stay

Some temples in Seoul and the surrounding areas - such as Jogyesa and Jingwansa - offer an immersion experience in a Buddhist temple alongside the resident monks, where you will be able to observe their daily activities. You are free to choose the length of your stay, whether it be a day, a night or even a week. This is a unique experience that allows you to understand the Korean culture better. However, it must be emphasised that places of sleep are often shared and unisex, meaning members of the same family will not necessarily sleep together.

The traditional markets

We must mention the main markets of Gwangjang, Nryangjin, Tongin, and Namdaemun, which all have their particular area of speciality whether it be fish, textiles or street food. Oozing a traditional atmosphere, these covered markets are the perfect opportunity for an immersive Korean culture experience that has not yet completely surrendered to modernity. This is also the perfect opportunity to taste the local street food that abounds in the markets, where you will find friendly, approachable vendors!

Things to do in Seoul with friends

VR Zones

VR zones are establishments that allow you to have fun while experimenting with virtual reality as part of various games and activities. More developed than in Western countries, it is easy to find a room with a VR experience that can be great fun for a group of friends. Try the Yongsan shopping centre VR area connected to the Yongsan subway station.


The Korean pastime par excellence, Karaoke rooms are numerous in Seoul and will keep you occupied until the end of the night. Many venues offer snacks and beverage service, so you can keep singing all night long! The experience is usually paid by the hour, with some options to rent the room for an entire night. Rates are low in the Hongdae district, especially for karaoke corners in which 5,000 to 10,000 won can be enough for a dozen songs!

Things to do in Seoul with your partner

The Namsan Tower

A must-see in Seoul, thanks to its park and fantastic views over the city. Above all, this tower is considered a romantic hotspot by Koreans who go there to hang a padlock marked with their initials. Reminiscent of the Parisian Pont des Arts, this practice creates real padlock trees that allow you to leave a trace of your Seoul story in Korea.


Another must-see in Seoul, the artificial watercourse has its source not far from the Gyeongbokgung Palace and extends for 6km through the city. The landscaped stream is perfect for a romantic stroll, especially at dusk. Various events and illuminations take place regularly through the seasons. If you are lucky, you can see one of the beautiful cranes that make their home there.

The Cinemamovie

What's more classic for a romantic date than a movie? You can upgrade your cinematic experience in Seoul by booking small private rooms with a sofa or, if your budget is tighter, a “VIP room”, where you may not be alone - but you will be in seats designed for two, for a more romantic experience.

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