The nightlife scene in South Korea


Having access to a good nightlife scene can be a determining factor for many expats upon choosing their next destination. Tell us more about the nightlife in South Korea.

In South Korea, what is the nighlife culture like: is it common for people to go out at night? Is there a big difference between the nightlife during the weekdays and weekends?

What are the most popular evening or nighttime activities (e.g. bars, nightclubs, shows, cultural activities, etc.)?

Is it safe to venture out in the evening and at night in South Korea?

Is there anything in particular that surprised you about the nightlife in South Korea?

Are there any apps or websites (or any other resources) that would help in staying informed about evening and nighttime activities?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Hi. I have to got to say, you really know how to write a question. lol. I have been living in Korea on and off for the past 18+ years. Korea has an excellent variety of evening activities and the Koreans love to party as much as others do. There are dance clubs, bars, restaurants, soju tents, (but these are becoming scarce) and lots of places to get amazing street food. I tend to stay away from areas like Iteawan, although there are a few good places to go there and I do drop in once in a blue moon.
  I think most places are relatively safe and there are venues that you caa attend to ensure you are in good company. There is an upcoming musical festival in HBC (Haebongcheon) where local musicians go to show off their skills in the many bars in the area. I think you can find it on FB if you search HBC. I'll be going this year so you can contact me at if you want more specifics.
I live in Songtan. There's a place called Shindong shopping center right outside of the Osan Base main gate that has about 85 or slightly more bars, where you can find some good fun. Many bars offer pool and darts as well, and are free to play, unless you play electronic (soft-tip) darts, then its a few thousand won for a few games. In the same area you can also find a decent variety of restaurants, coffee shops, clothing stores, tailors, bag shops, and hotels, etc. Most of the people you'll find there are Westerners, so you should find it easy to communicate and find a nice place to chill. Hit me up at the above email if you have more questions.
Until then, take care. Dave

Nightlife is happening every night.  Wednesdays to Sundays most popular.

There is more on offer for males, but people can party nearly til daybreak most nights.

I've lived in Korea for over 7 years, and never in Seoul. My point is that in the less crowded cities, it's safe for girls at night.