filipino seafarers in albania

no ,,,but i want to live in albania...there are filipino seafarers in albania?


hey guys,...who are filipino there?please talk with me:)please
i have something to ask

Hello armel salazar.

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hi i am armel salazar.. im only 15 years old...and someday i want to live in albania..and marry in a albanian... what job will i get in our college degree here in philippines? job that i can apply in albania....can you help me to decide?so i have chance to live in albania

i will wait youranswer maam ...thank you

Hello armel salazar.

Hope other members will be able to advise you. :)

Good luck in your project,

Hello Armel, I am Migena from Albania.I like your question.I think that Albania needs more architects.For the moment its not a developed profession but in the future it will be an interesting profession.I would like to know why do u like to live here in Albania?
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Migena.. what other skills & talents Albania needs..

hi migena.. i like to live ther... because i know there is peaceful.... i dont know why all i know is i want to leave there...thanks for advise friends,,:***

ohh im happy because i also want to be an good in drawing..... i will get the course of architect and i hope i will send there

Nice Armel, i wish u will come here

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