How hard is it to get work in Honduras

how hard is it to get work there

It would be pretty hard getting a job with decent wages. The best thing IMO is to start your own small business. There are a lot of opportunities here.

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everyone, please share how we can find employment or start a business to become employed

One of the members on this site once said "if you want to leave Honduras with a small fortune, arrive with a large one"  that is very true.  Honduras in my opinion can be a good place to retire in, but not for employment or business opportunities.

I have been a transmission mechanic auto mechanic for 44yrs old I'm 56 yrs old would love to move to Routan too teach and repair vehicles for a private investor I can work on marine engines to on all vehicles  foreign and domestic  if any body wants to call me call 8435303240 david

Mechanics in Honduras mainland and  Roatan work for 1/4 of the labor price in The US.

Hondurans can always find a way to get something fixed.

However, you could start a new business in regards to marine engines. You still will have a huge set back that there are others that did the same.

There are A LOT of business opportunities in Honduras no doubt. Just need to see them and act on them.

Good luck I wish you well !!