Teaching in Honduras

I am an English expert living in Nigeria. I have been teaching at various levels of education for the past 17 years. As a graduate of English with a postgraduate diploma in education, I wish to teach in Honduras. Can anybody assist me?

Hi Martins Jayeoba,

i suggest you drop an advert along with your cv in the Jobs in Honduras section of the website so that you may be contacted if an opportunity arises.

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Hi Martins, I would recommend contacting Mazapan School in La Ceiba, Honduras. It is one of the most prestigious schools in the country, owned by Dole (Standard Fruit Company). They pay well compared to everyone else in the country (Education-wise) and a lot of foreigners work there.

Good luck!

Bring your curriculum vitae, transcripts, recommendations and be prepared to get a work visa or a residency through your place of employment. Here are some school listings.   http://www.in-honduras.com/directory/schools.shtml

Extremely difficult to get a job in the Mazapan School because working conditions are ideal!

We are hiring in Siguatepeque at Del So Montessori

Hi SandiT,

This is an old topic. I invite you to post your job offer in the Jobs in Honduras section.

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Your school will have to work out your work visa. You legally have to provide proof of your studies, e.g., diploma transcripts. You can contact schools via the web, or come to Honduras and visit. You will also need some proof that you have not committed any crimes. Hope this is helpful!

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