Work Permit, Marriage, Residency - ¡ AYUDA ME !

Hello there all you expats. I am in serious need of help. If you read the subject line you already know what I'm after. I recently moved from the US to San Pedro, Honduras.. to meet and live with my girlfriend of 10 months.

It is wonderful here. I have been advised to be cautious en el Centro but have no fear as I am accustomed to good and bad cultures. I am still a gringo but a very wise and tranquilo, amable caballero.

I originally had 90 days to be a "tourist" ...but I do not wish to return without my loved one. I recently applied for work and was given a special paper stating my wages and that they were wanting to (sponsor?) hire me. I was told to visit the office of work permits and inbtwo days I would recieve a preliminary number that would allow me to start working.. however this is where I was rejected as the head of the department stated that she made the mistake of issuing a permit to a guatamalan woman who for three years did not register or apply for residency or social number I'm not sure, but she now will not issue a work permit to a foreignor unless they have applied for residency of some sort. I was told to visit a local immigration office who said they could not help, to buy a lawyer, and which a lawyer told me to visit the ajoining office of the first attempt for a social number; which only helps people under the age of 18.

First of all I need more time to be here. I have until December. I need a work permit to afford a lawyer. I want to be married as soon as possible. And permanent residency as I wish to help support my (soon to be) wife with her house, bills and family.

I need someones gelp, who knows what I need to do first, second, and third. ...and exactly how to get this done. Secondly if there are any lawyers that charge less money or would like to help us it wiuld be greatly appreciated and helpful.

Please help!!

Sincerely, and wanting to live and work in Honduras for many years, Tim.

If your that serious about her you will have to marry..problem is you would have to return to the states to get a sealed copy of your criminal record and marriage status as well as your birth certificate...once married (assuming marry in honduras) you go to el registro and will be able to get your "identidad" have to take your marriage certificate and your passport as well as wife's id....

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