Moving to Honduras, Roatan and starting a business in Latin America

Me and my family will move to Roatan in April 2019.
Before that i will have a Licensed Boiler Cleaning business set up in Latin America.
My idea is to start a Panama company as soon as possible and a bank account in Honduras.
My company will perform jobs all over Latin america but mostly in Brazil. I will be resident in Honduras.
I need to import a 20 foot container of equipment and tools to Honduras to pay the import tax i suppose and then send it to the worksite that probbibly will be in Uruguay or Sao Paolo at first.
Any one have any ideas or thoughts about this? I would appreciate any opinions.

Best Regards, Freddie

Wow Freddie, you have given this a lot of thought.  Having lived in Roatan for 16 years and researched and explored all of Central America extensively I can say you picked the right place to live.  Roatan and Valle de Angeles, both in Honduras, are my two favorite places in CA. Two questions though. I know nothing about boilers but aren't they used for heating buildings? Most places here have no use for heating so are there even any boilers to be found? Again, just a question. Secondly, why a corporation in Panama. I had one and discontinued it primarily because it was expensive. The government is strict on annual reporting and they and the lawyers (and accountants) charge steep annual fees just to keep it alive. Again, you may have your reasons. Honduras was much less expensive and I have a number of corporations here.

Hi Ed, thanks for reply:) The boilers are producing electricity. And also Black liquer boilers and coal boilers. I were in Roatan a Couples of weeks ago in west End, absolutly loved it!
I rented a car and went to all possible parts of the Island and even a few places that was almost inpossible.. Meet a lot of nice people both locals and expats, i checked Sandy bay international school witch seems ok.
Do u know how it would work with a Honduran Company when i perform jobs anywhere elsewhere, not in Honduras.

Hope to see u when i get back in Juli next year, best regards

Hi Freddy,

  Honduras is in a high demand for energy, The new power plant in Rotan is using new technology from Finland. Using liquid gas and boiler to move the turbines to produce energy, I am sure your skills are not easy to find here.

Wish we had the same here on the mainland, La Ceiba. Just polluting engines moved by bunker c and no scrubbers.  :top:

That sounds great Freddie. I am glad you like the island so much. I have traveled a lot and Roatan has been my home for 16 years. I don't think you would have any issues at all with a Honduran company. It would be the same if you had a Panamanian company to do business in other countries, except perhaps better as there is a trade pact among Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador that may assist you.

Best of Life!


Hi Ed, thanks for reply, i might consider a Hondurian company after all. Do u have any laywer  u can recomend for some advice? Regarding startup of a company and i need also rules about my equipment to be imported to Honduras, tariffs and so on.

Would appreciate any recommendations:)

Best regard Freddie

Hi cesar

I saw the new powerplant on Roatan, looked good :)
I think that boilers that burn waste and produce electricity will be big in South America, there are already some big ones in Uruguay and Argentina and Brazil and it's really good purification on the exhausts so that's good.

Best regards Freddie


Lots of lawyers. Start with G*** and see how you do: ***. If he doesn't work try K***: *
Best of Life!


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