How long does it take to get an exit visa?

Hi all - I'm an English teacher who recently resigned within my 90 day probationary period, and I'm currently waiting for my exit visa. I have been informed that the company I worked for will often wait a month before submitting the paperwork as a form of "punishment" for resigning. I've already been waiting around in Riyadh for a week and I heard the visa actually only takes a day to turn around. Is this true? If so, can anyone give me any suggestions on how to speed the process along? Or am I completely at their mercy? Any advice will be greatly appreciated it!

It takes hardly 1 week depends on your employer how quick they can process. Once you have a exit you have to leave kingdom within 60 days.

Thank you for the info. I actually received my exit visa today after some time in their office. Now I'm just waiting on my final salary. Fingers crossed!

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If a comapny wants to it can get a final exit visa for you in 1 day !!!

However as you have mentioned they will delay as a 'punishment'

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dear I want to ask u that that time u have iqama or not.I have also same problem like ans me asap

Pls help me pls pls
  dear thanks in advance .I am work on probation i want to go back .I have no iqama .is final exit possible without iqama in probation period.i am waitin for final exit since 8 days.i have paid company all department say me to wait how many day need for this process and it is posible without iqama because i am on probation period.

Can you help me? I already finished my contract hera in saudi to my employer last june 2017,,sad to say that until now,my employer not give my vacation.  And also my emlpoyer refused to give me a final exit. Can you give me what I supposed to do?

Are you an American?

Americans should have multiple entry visas with no exit or entry visas required.

My Saudi visa took one day.

I hope I have the same kind of luck with my iqama.

Ooh sad...where exactly??...have u communicated with your agent yet???

How does your experience about resigning during your probation period, did your employer ask for money, if yes, how much?

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