Artist and Musician looking to move to Belize..many questions

I'm curious about the local music scene. I'm particularly interested in San Pedro.
I'm curious to know how well bars pay for bands/musicians and how difficult it is for a non-resident to be able to work as a musician.

Also, I sell my handmade jewelry and clocks online. I'd love to be involved in a local art scene and participate in outdoor markets. I've be searching online for any info on outdoor art markets in Belize, with no luck. Are there any around? And would a non-resident be able to sell handmade goods in Belize while waiting to gain residency?

We would definitely have to have some sort of additional income while we were living there. The info I've found online has been a bit vague or is outdated.

Hi Sofacity great name.

It is in the works and coming soon - will seen be featuring a calendar of events and one of the main features will be Local Music Scene.

I can put you in touch with local musicians.

Here is a link specifically to Live Music posts on my blog

In order to sell your stuff you would need a valid work permit.

Thanks John and TG.

Speaking to the local musicians would be extremely helpful.

Can I obtain a work permit initially to sell my items (since I'd be self-employed), or would I have to wait 6 months to apply for that?

Are there any outdoor craft markets on the island?

I am not sure the timing on ow long before you can apply. I think it it varies depending on what you are applying for a work permit under and also if someone is willing to hire you as a musician for example.

You might find this post a helpful source for information on the work permit situation.

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