Mobily eLife Fiber Internet - Installation Schedule Issues


Did anyone face several rescheduling for installation of elife from Mobily?

I went to Mobily Sales Point at Malik Fahad Road, Riyadh and subscribed for 25Mbps eLife Fiber Internet connection on April 19, 2013.

They had special promotion going on

3 Months + 2 Months free for SR 825
25Mbps speed
Free Installation
Free Fiber broadband router.
Pre requirement is - Fiber connectivity to installation place. It is black box outside of your building.

Mobily supposed to call me to make appointment as they mentioned on their website but it did not happen. I wait for 2-3 days and called myself on their 1100 number to make appointment.  I was given installation appointment for May 4, 2013 which was after 12 days of subscription. 

They sent you SMS and email for the scheduled appointment.

I had to wait almost two weeks without internet for the day of scheduled installation. I was very surprised that no one came to my house or called me on the day of appointment. I called several time to mobily that day telling them that  I have schedule of installation today but they told me that technicians will call you within four (4) hours form the time of scheduled installation but it did not happen. No single phone call to let me know that they will not come. I wait for another day and nothing happened.

I called mobily again after a day and they wanted to reschedule the appointment after 10 days saying that they sent installation team to other person house at my time of appointment.  I argue with them that I already wait for 2 weeks and you should give me appointment either for today or tomorrow maximum but they said they are busy. 

They gave me appointment for today May 7, 2013. They supposed to come to my house in the morning 10:00am. Now till 02:00pm (4 hours)  again no one called me. No apology, nothing.

I called them now and fight with them over the phone. I am scheduled again for May 11, 2013.  I am very disappointed to experience this from mobily.

I am not sure if my installation of elife will be performed on May 11, 2013 or I need to get forth appointment.

Please share your experience here......

I had internet from STC before which was installed within 48 hours of subscription.

Here is the link of Mobily elife internet service

Again, 3rd appointment schedule of May 11, 2013, Mobily did not call me and did not come for installation. I called them twice during the day in different times to remind them.

Next day, I called mobily and raised my problem to them. They said they will inform to the supervisor and I should receive a call from supervisor within 2 hours. I waited whole day but no one called me. I decided to visit Mobily sales point during evening to return the router and to cancel my subscription.

A person at mobily sales point listened to me carefully and immediately  send email to department manager. I was told that I will receive a call within two days but I received call from Mobily within two hours and installation team was at my door in further two hours.

My Mobily elife connection was installed yesterday evening May 12, 2013 but I have no link. They said you don't have connectivity yet from my home to their cabinet but It will be fixed within two days.

Let's wait.

I will update here.

Good luck and all the best dude, thanx for the post.


best of luck for your effort..


My elife connection was installed on May 12, 2013.

I am calling Mobily every day since installation and every time I complain to their call center, I receive a call with in 2-3 hours from Mobily to schedule appointment.  They scheduled three appointments  during last week but did not send any technician to just ACTIVATE my ELIFE connection.  Two times during last week  they even did not bother to call me back.

I went yesterday May 19, 2013 to Mobily Sales Point and complain to them thinking that last time it helped out to complaint at sales point and my elife installation was performed next day. Yesterday, I was told that some one will call me in 24 hours. Ahhhh. no call from Mobily.

I am feed-up following Mobily for this case. Very disappointed with their service

They should tell at the time of selling their service if my house is covered by fiber or not so I can check alternative. I would go for 4G Zain connection which is SR 350 per month, Unlimited download and 100Mbps speed.

I am living with no internet for the past exactly four weeks now.

Mobily wakeup......

hi.. yes they are giving appointments after a gap of 12-14 days... luckily my elife was installed on the day it was scheduled to be.

i am very much disappointed with the elife speed though.. this is the 3rd time im facing problems with mobily various services (though stc has remained very stable.

i have a 25mbps connection, I was informed that fiber was very stable... that was the only reason I opted to try mobily for the 3rd time. The speed is highly variable.. its ranges from 5mb to 23mb and I never got a download over 3.5mbps.. I had a DSL line from STC with 8mb speed. I used DSL for over 7 years and never had any problems.. it used to be at max speed everytime.

Its about time mobily get serious and offer the service they have provided.. its not for free.. you are taking the money.. so just give your service...

Finally, Today May 25, 2013 my eLife Fiber Broadband is activated. It is not because of Mobily.

I was calling mobily every day since connection was installed on May 12, 2013. Every time they open a case and asked me to wait 24-48 hours.

Today, I was coming back from office and I saw two technicians doing installation of eLife next road from my house. I stopped by and discussed with them my issue. They said let them finish and they will stop by my house.

They checked my black box outside my house and confirmed that there is no connection. They first connected from cabinet to my house in 10min and called mobily to provide of my box to do activation. My internet was activated in next 30min. All credit goes to these technicians who helped me out otherwise Mobily was not responding at all.


I came to know that there are four subcontractors who are doing installation and activation of Mobily eLife and they are overloaded. They have difficulty to handle this demand.

I was told that normally they do installation and activation same day or maximum in next 24 hours.

So how is the speed anyways, and i dont mean what you get doing a speed test but how stable is torrenting and the average speed on a fully seeded torrent.

I just applied for 20mbps ftth from stc like a week ago but i am still waiting for them to show up. However i am stil sharing my neighbour's 4mb ftth from stc so i am very satisfied with their speeds. I get like 512kb/s max on torrents.

Also i like to add, it is tempting to go for Mobilty as they offer 5mbps more for SAR 299 (25mbps), pretty much the same price as stc's 20mbps at SAR 296 but since they are using stc's backbone i rather go for the primary provider then secondary leased lines.

yes i m having the same problem, i paid, got elife modem,  no body came on the day of apppointment, no respone, no conatact, no apolpgy for 10  days, i could not contact e life after calling 20 times on 1100, i dont knovv the exact issue and slution if some one knovv about it please let us knovv, is it a big scam?.

:lol: Got the same problem before --- maybe because of the demand - their installation team faces scheduling problem. I got mine installed after about 7-8 days from the day i paid and subscribe to a field sales agent (who gets some beating of calls from me):rolleyes:...but what happened is that, another team (not assigned to me) came for my neighbor...and i just talked them in for doing the installation for me ;) ...after one day, i received a call from MY installation team, but i told them it's already up and running.
After a month, the service was discontinued, and 1100 says "I am not a mobily customer" as per their records...had to endure 3-4 days without internet at home. :(

By the way, i get a promo of 2 extra months from the initial 3 months subscription i made. :)

...just keep your receipt and application with you...then you could always run behind them...

I have subscribed with eLife less than a month back after i was convinced by Mobily representative in front of my rented house where excavation and cable laying is & night.

The selling point for the 100mbps was: free router, installation and a month subscription for SAR250 a month...fair deal so far...but 'limits' of using was not discussed...assumption was its unlimited since other provider offers such in three months for SAR300 in 3 months with less speed...fair enough too!

Am not really a frequent internet user, its my daughter and her mom who used to surf the net regularly but they are not in Riyadh for a vacation.

Now comes the scenario...i noticed that the router signals an alarm of no connection...guess it's bill time??? so soon when i arrived my office i inquired through my biller and come to know that mobily has billed already around SAR500+ for less than a month...for what???

Only Mobily can tell you the answer! atleast, just try calling them for clarifications :rolleyes:

Instead of calling them, you might get better response when you go directly to one of their branches, preferably, a regional head-office or something bigger than the average Mobily outlet. Speak to them in one of the best English accents you have ever spoken, even if your Arabic is better than their English.

PS. Assuming you are not a Saudi/GCC citizen :)


I took a picture of the DB box... or whatever and went to the mobily outlet on the King Abdullah Road... there the rep after checking the box serial number told me that the service has not been activated at my place even though the box is installed. Knowing these guys... I deliberately went to another outlet on the Olaya Road.. there the guy did the same check.. and told me that the service is present and that I can get the service.

And well.. yes i paid the money.. SR 1450.. 6 months + 6 months free that is for prepaid 25Mbps

having same situation just an hour ago..but im scared if this is are scams or whatever.....I don't want to subscribe to their deal but im scared because im confused if I need to pay every month to them?i sign a receipt that time...pls give me info what I need to do?just ignore them or what? I don't want to be in trouble when I leave the country....ksa...they reg. my iqama number. thanks

If you are postpaid ,yes for sure every month :) and if your dues are  clear you should not bother.

Before I have no trouble, no headache whatsoever, then somebody, a Mobily Elife Walkin representative came across my doorstep and convinced me to subcribe with their latest "fiber optic very fast internent access"...That was last quarter of March2014.

I agreed and they have connected and activated my line on March 29, 2014 with written terms and conditions to have a free installation, free modem and a monthly pay of 299 SAR. And so I started testing my internet connection that very same day of activation. Mobily text messages started coming in informing me that my line in now active and so on and so forth.

Every night after office hour I used to open my line and browse and it went good for 6 days from the activation. The following day, it prompted me "No Internent Connection"....The most ironic here was, the very same day April 5, 2014 I received a mobile bill from Mobily Elife demaded me me to pay 327 SAR for March 2014....Just only 5 days from activation, Mobily is charging me more than what was stated in the terms and condition. I can sensed a violation of contract agreement here though. And still I don't have internet connection so I just decided to pay it anyway thinking that when I settle the bill, Mobily may reconnect my line.

To my dismay, after paying the March2014 bill I am still no connection! During the process I called Costumer Care hotline several time requested technician to check and verify the fiber optic line, the modem and the connections. Three follow up calls were made each day and finally after a week the technician came.

The technician checked the line and connection and ended up saying the modem is "defective" which need replacement. The Technician further told me that he can not repair nor replace the modem. It needs to be reported and will be replaced by Mobily itself. So the same time that moment I called up once again the "Costomer Care" and reported the situation. The agent logged into the computer the situation and likewise request a modem replacement. The agent further advised me to go to their main office the next day to get the replacement.

I again spent taxi fare, time and effort and went to their Jeddah Thalia office only to found out that there is no spare modem for replacement. They asked me to go back and or look from another branch if they do have replacement. There is no assurance and very funny indeed. Again I made a complain to the "Costumer Care" spent another riyals calling them and discussed the situation. I finally decided just to cancelled my account to Mobily useless and a waste of money, time and lots of trouble they just given to me.

The most frustrating here is that Mobily always send and call me demanding to pay the following monthly bill despite the fact I have already went to their office and personnaly cancelled my subscription. The last time I went in Thalia office just to check and confirm if my account has been cancel. Upon checking online the agent declared its "DONE", closed...and he don't even asked me if I need to pay the balance or any outstanding due. And yet the mobile machine always sending me text for the outstanding stressfull...

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