No Signal on MY STC Router

Assalamu Alaikum to Everyone,

I have my STC Router, which shows WAN connection bu displays no signal (internet signal, ie, no bars found) since yesterday.

It was working fine with good signal (always in 4 bars of signal).

Kindly help me to resolve this issue.

Check the outlet if it is plug in? Lol
Check your sim card if it is inserted correctly.
Restart your router
If it didnt work try to reset the router and restart again
If all of the above didnt work,call customer service and tell them the situation and all the troubleshooting which you have done so they can either help or send a technician.

You can also try to insert the sim into your phone. This will give you an idea if the problem is with your router or sim card.

i did all these steps, even the sim is working in another router,

There is a factory setting reset button in the router. Make that reset and try again. If still not working then most probably you need to replace that router.

Call up the STC guys..

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