Seeking for a guide in Marseille

Hi all... Good morning from Surabaya, Indonesia.
I will be in Marseille this 19 May until 9 June. I have no idea about life in there for short time like I will. Do Marseilleians speak English?? I will be in internship at the Marseille City Government. I really have no idea where to go after office hours, where to find halal food, what to do at the weekend, and all in all is because I will be there alone. Nah, that would be stressfull I think lol

So, anybody in Marseille speaking english would like to be my guide in Marseille?? LoL... I really wish to meet new friends while in Marseille for short times..

Thank you!! :)

Hello ellyzhou.

A new thread has been created from your message on the Marseille forum as the other one was old. ;)

Thank you,

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