Making Friends in Marseille

Hi everyone

I'm English and my husband is Irish and we have a 5-month old son.  We are currently living just outside Marseille for my husband's job and were previously in Texas for 3 years.

Looking to meet people in the Marseille area for a chat or drink and to share experiences.

If interested, please let me know.

Kind regards


Bonjour Emma,

I just moved to Marseille in February, while my wife has already lived here for 2 yrs.  I am german, my wife is french.  We have lived in Germany for many years (and I have spent some time in Texas in the 90ies).  Our kids are little older, 15 and 17.  We love France and the french life-style, and currently I struggle with learning the language.  We live in one of the southern districts of Marseille, and we love to cycle in and around the city and the beach.  We are in our 40ies, my wife is an english teacher in a local college.  We would be happy to get in touch.

Best, Dirk

Hi Emma,
We're a French family of 4 (2 boys aged 11 and 8), always happy to meet new people and speak English since we came back from a year in Seattle.
Kind regards,

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Hi Emma,

we just moved to aix-en-provance 3 weeks ago. 7 months pregnant now. My husband is French I am Indonesian. We live in hongkong before, would love to get in touch 😊

Hi Dirk

Thanks for your message.  I have only just seen it today, so I apologise for taking so long to reply to you!

My husband and I love living in France too.

We would be happy to get together with you and your wife if you are still interested?

I look forward to hearing from you.



Hi Noemie

Thanks for your message.  I have only just seen it today, so I apologise for taking so long to reply to you!

If you are stil interested, my husband and I would be happy to get together with you at some stage?

I look forward to hearing from you.



Hi there

Thanks for your reply. 

If you are interested in getting together at some stage, please let me know.   Our son is almost one and was born in La Ciotat.  I think the hospitals and care in France are great.

I look forward to hearing from you,



Hi Everyone -  Lovely to e-meet all of you.  Myself and my husband will be moving to Marseille-Aix region in February from the UK.

We are both 28 year old engineers. My husband will be relocating from AIRBUS UK to AIRBUS in Marignane Airport. I will be 7 months pregnant when I move to France (currently 18 weeks) so I will be on my maternity leave when I get there.

Emuk - you have a young family too - how are you finding settling in?

Miss Wednesday -  I will be like you exactly in 2 months :).... How are you finding the ante-natal care in France? I am very nervous about it all, as we haven't found a hospital yet, and neither of us can speak French very well..... Any recommendations?

Looking forward to hearing from you all , and hopefully meeting you in the next coming months.

Cigdem xx

Hi Em -
Did you find any NCT like courses in France or pre-post pregnancy yoga classes? I have been told by the overseas health care team that I need to apply for a S2 form to cover my maternity expenses in France so I guess would I then search for a hospital and register? Any recommendations for English speaking ? My French atm is not more than Bonjour Comment ca va ;) -  I don't think it will get me far in the delivery room!:)

Any feedback is worth gold. Thank you so much xx

Hi cigdem,

I am lucky enough to have his family supporting us, his sister and him arranged everything including doctor and hospital ( located  in Marseille ) Feel free to email me at ***

And cheers to all.

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Hi Chidem

In France when you are pregnant you see a gynaecologist every month for a check-up/scan and (in my experience) only go to a hospital if there is a problem.  I would say to find a gynaecologist first and he will be able to recommend hospitals.  Mine is in La Ciotat and I gave birth in the hospital there, although that may be too far for you to travel.  Most medical staff here seem to have a basic knowledge of English too.

I didn't do any post-natal yoga, but when I was 7 months pregnant a midwife came to the house once a week to teach me breathing techniques and what I should expect.  You can also speak about any concerns you have too.

I cannot speak highly enough of the healthcare system in France, it really is great.

Let me know if you need any other information.

Kind regards


Hi Emma,

Thank you for getting in touch and for the information.

Then I guessing there is nothing like NCT in France to meet other mum-to-be's?

Are the gynaecologists you see private or state funded? I am traveling with the EHIC and S2 form until my husbands social security kicks in. I heard the maternity clinics are good too.

Where about are you based? We were thinking either renting in Salon de Provence or Martigues. Have you been there before? We would love to meet you, husband and the baby when we arrive if you are up for it- my email is ***
Regards to all.

Cigdem x

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Miss Wednesday - thank you. I have just emailed you. Speak soon x

Hi Emma,

Glad to read your post,  our family just moving to Marseille December 2016, we are from Singapore. I have a 2.5 years old toddler. I have no friend in marseille as my husband just posted to work here. Nice to catch up with you

Hi there!

Thanks for your post.  I'd be happy to meet for a coffee some time.  Let me know.

Kind regards


Perhaps you could give a newcomer some advice. I just arrived in Marseille two weeks ago. Today I've been looking at different forums to find others with similar interests or who are doing interesting things in Marseille. I'm from Oregon.


Hi Daniel,

I've very recently moved to Marseille myself with the hope of teaching English and perhaps pursuing music, as well as basking in the wonderful culture. I'm pretty familiar with the states, more the New England side but have always hoped to get out to the Pacific north-west, and actually hold an American passport alongside my British. I hope you are settling in well. Perhaps you'd like to meet for a drink sometime?


I am an American who is living in Marseille. (So I speak 3 languages, English, French & German.)
I Have spent bout 5 yrs living in Ireland & also many yrs in Switzerland. I dont miss speaking enlish much, but I miss listening to accent that Im keen on.

I am interested in arstistic things and am a mucisican/ composer. I play guitar, bass, ect.

all the best, Michel

Hi  michel ,
   I'm a cameroonian girl living in marseille , i speak french   sorry my english is  not as good as yours    i'm maried  with a french  man and i have 2 children  . ***


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