Hola, Hello, Bonjour - want to meet up near Plaza Serrano

Hi everyone !

I am Justine, 22 year-old French girl. I arrived in Buenos Aires a week ago for an internship.
I come from Strasbourg in the East of France but I am studying in Paris. I study International Business Development in a Business School and I chose to come in Argentina to improve my Spanish.

Currently I am living in the barrio of Palermo near the Plaza Serrano. If anyone wants to have a drink, let me know, I am open-minded to meet new people from different countries. :)

See you soon


Hi Justine,

Welcome to Expat.com! :)

Thank you for this introduction.

All the best,
Expat.com team

Hi Justine!

I just arrived yesterday in BA, also for an internsip. Right now I live in Recoleta but I will move to Palermo next week I think.

It would be a pleasure to meet you!


Hi Angi,

Let me know when you are available and we will meet with pleasure for a drink or more :)

See you soon

Awesome! What do you think about saturday? Do you have time?

Are you on Facebook? I think its faster to write there or via phone.

See you soon!



I sent you a message in your inbox

See you on Facebook :)


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Envy!!! Good luck over there with your internship, I´m new here too :)

A bientôt!!

Hello all

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