I am Nathan, and I make stupid puns.  We all have our flaws.  I'm 28, American, and head over heels in love with an Austrian girl.  I will be moving to Graz on April 18th.  I am an artist, poet, and musician.  I taught English for a while in Russia and hated it.  Not Russia, the job.  I guess I really just wanted to introduce myself!  My first big question is...who wants to get a beer and have a chat?!  My second big question is this:  How can I stay in Austria?  After arriving in April I will only have about 70 days left on my Schengen zone visa.  I don't intend to leave, but I'd rather not stay illegally since the potential consequences might keep me out of the country for much longer than 90 days.  Marriage, employment, student visas?  It's a little early to marry...I don't want to teach English...I could see myself going back to school (I already have half of an American Master's degree in Poetry).  Any help would be hot.  Thanks for your time!  Hope to hear from you!

Welcome to Nathan!

Hope that other members will soon share their experience with you.

See you around,
Harmonie :)

Servus! Nathan

I am up for a beer if you'd like. I live in Graz for 3 years more, so maybe i can help you a little bit. Although live for expats is not easy anyway!

See you


That sounds great!  Let me know when you're free.


I am curious as to how things turned out for you?  You posted a while ago and I thought an update would be nice.  How is the girl?  Are you still in Graz?


im not in graz, but Vienna beer invitation is extended to you sir.

I am English however grew up here so I might be able to offer useful advice.




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