Hello! Yet another new member! Portuguese in Graz

Hello everybody on Expat Forum Graz!

I am so happy to join you guys. I am Portuguese, my name is Sofia and I've been living in Austria since 1998. Yeap, a long time now! Why I am only joining you now?? I started blogging a month ago so I searched for other expats and other blogs from Graz and immediately found yours - so here I am.

After such a long time in Graz, several professional experiences and one pregnancy, I hope I can be of any help for other expat families coming to Graz and needing a little advice or just wanting to exchange information. On the other hand, I would love to be part of this community and meet new interesting people who enjoy writing and reading as much as I do.


Hello Sofia.

Welcome to Expat.com!

Thank you for this introduction. :)

Do not heistate to share your experience and to participate on the Graz forum.

Thank you,

Thank you and nice to meet you!

I will definitely be around!

See you,

Hi im moving to Graz shortly from ireland..would be nice to get chatting to afew people..

Olá Sofia!

I´m Vanessa from Lisbon. moving to Vienna soon... I wonder if Graz is near?

Hallo Sofia,
I am Mhasi, glad to know about you, I live in India currently, also I am planing to move to Austria, well it will be very new for me, would like to hear more from you, and specially about your experience in Austria. i guess i am curious to know many things but where to start..haha

Hi SoFia,

Im Rica originally philippines, i am just new in austria about 7 months now , i love to talk specially in forum and sharing ideas ..and interesting topics.

nice to meet you in Expat.com..


Hi Rica,

Welcome to Expat.com :)

Unfortunately, as you posted on an old thread, you may not have any reply.

I suggest you to create a new discussion on the Graz forum for better visibility and interaction.

I am sure you will get many contacts very soon.

Thank you,

Expat.com Team

Hi there,

I don't know about Graz, I do know in all Austria has a 1st class health service. As for English, all doctors I have seen in Austria SPEAK English.

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