Visiting Guate

My wife and I are coming to Guatemala on April 6 for a look with the idea of retiring there.  If there is someone who could show us around that would be great.  It is a car rental or paying someone to drive us around.  We want to look at Antigua and Lake Atitlan area.  Also we are looking for a church that conducts some services in english.  My wife speaks spanish but I don't.  Thank you for your help.

Welcome to rpkittle!

Hope that you'll soon be enlightened.;)


Pretty sure i can help you out ... living and working since 1994 in Quetzaltenango , Guatemala originally from Belgium . I own a tour operator so my job is exactly ... giving people insights about the country , of course my drivers/guides are bilingual and our cars ready to receive you .. just write me if you want more info : [email protected]


Hmmm,I sent you a message a while ago. Happy to show you around the lake area.