Looking for a native English speaking children/family/tutor for a 6 yo

...we're native Russian speakers but travel a lot and have nat. English speaking friends. Therefore we desperately need our 6 yo daughter to have the necessary language skills to be able to play, communicate and chat with our friends' kids and other children at playgrounds, beaches, etc.

Could anybody suggest any activities or may be a small group or children with a tutor or just a tutor who could combine teaching with having his/her kids play with our, or something like this?

Unfortunately the primitive English language schools like English First is of little help in this task...

We're open to suggestions, especially on weekends :)

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Do not hesitate to post your ad in the jobs in Moscow section as well.

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Hi, I am looking for a job tutoring and teaching English. I am a native English speaker from America, and have experience teaching young Russian children. If you are interested, you can contact me at brigid.farinacci[at]gmail.com

As a tutor, i teach a group of kids. i would be more than welcomed to teach your daughter

@ brigid92 Ruslan Sarakaev: You may both post an advert in the Language classes in Moscow section for better response. Thanks. Karen :)

hello I have friend english tutor and she can come to your house for teaching to your children. if your interested i ask her and you can communicate with her thanks

Hi there
My son from England just now and he is 12 years old and he has the same problems with society when speak in English so if you will find someone please let me know xo

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