Practice your english and arabic language

hi all
i am Mohammad Salah, from Cairo , i am 24

I've Graduated from the faculty of applied arts and start to run mu own business in the field of designing and production of baby wear

i would like to practice English
i can help for Arabic and little Korean :D

Waiting for your kind reply

I like to practise Arabic :)
Any female like to be my teacher????
I live in maadi 4 years^married,i want female woman to come to my home to teach me.:):):):):)
   On this forum lots of guys,maybe they have sisters or other female relatives,who may like?

Hello > I invite you to post an advert in the Cairo classifieds > classes section as well.

Best of luck,

yes this is a good idea,
i like it ,
i also need practice my language
so if any body interests,
we can meet any time any place,
waiting for your contacts
also i suggest to make discussion group
meet every day 2 hours talking about
business politics culture famous characters
or meet 2 days in a week at alazher park, zoo,

Hello assem1.

You may post an advert in the Language Exchange in Cairo section.

All the best.

Karen :)

You may communicate with Ms. Maha, she gives private Arabic and English tutoring for non Arabic speakers and she's a good teacher.
Best of luck

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[at] hamdy2001 :

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If you want to recommend this teacher, please feel free to do so in the Business directory > Private Teachers in Cairo section.

Thank you,

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